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Law Path Curriculum

Law Path 2024 Faculty

This program is overwhelmingly supported by the FIU Law faculty, with professors and lecturers participating—on a voluntary basis. The diversity of the faculty at FIU Law offers a competitive advantage that allows students to gain unique perspectives on typical law school courses.  They will also learn the case method approach to studying law and have the chance to develop the key analytical and critical thinking skills expected of law students. This program is an exciting opportunity for the faculty and current law student volunteers to bring their first-hand knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to undergraduate students who are interested in law school.

Professor Eric Carpenter, Eric R. Carpenter - FIU Law  – Evidence

Professor Lisa Davis, Lisa Davis - FIU Law  – Intro to Research

Associate Dean Jose Gabilondo, Jose Gabilondo - FIU Law – Business Organizations

Professor Juan Gomez, Juan Carlos Gomez - FIU Law - Immigration, Human Rights, Statutory Interpretation, and Administrative Law

Associate Dean Manuel Gomez, Manuel A. Gomez - FIU Law – International Law

Professor Hannah Gorman, Hannah Gorman - FIU Law – Death Penalty (Mitigation)

Professor Kenton Harris, Kenton S. Harris | College of Arts, Sciences & Education | Florida International University (, Clear Thinking/Argument Analysis

Professor Ila Klion, Ila J. Klion - FIU Law – Legal Skills and Values

Professor Phyllis Kotey Phyllis Diane Kotey - FIU Law,  – Professional Responsibility

Professor Rosario Lozada, Rosario Lozada - FIU Law  – Well Being in the Profession

Sr. Associate Dean Michelle Mason, Michelle D. Mason - FIU Law – Keys for Academic Success, Exam Expectations

Professor Rima Mullins, Rima Y. Mullins - FIU Law – Legal Skills and Values

Associate Dean Angelique Ortega, Angelique Ortega - FIU Law  – Leadership

Professor Janewa Osei-Tutu, J. Janewa Osei Tutu - FIU Law – Property

Dean Antony Page, Antony Page - FIU Law – Contracts

Ms. Altanese Phenelus, Esq., Class of 2014, Introduction to the Federal/State Courts

Professor Amber Polk, Amber Polk - FIU Law

Professor Ediberto Roman, Ediberto Roman - FIU Law,  – Torts

Ms. Natalie Roman, JD, Class of 2009 – LSAT Preparation

Assistant Dean Raul Ruiz, Raul Ruiz - FIU Law – Intro to Law

Mr. Anthony Rionda, J.D., Class of 2021 – State and Local Government

Associate Dean Louis Schulze, Louis N. Schulze, Jr. - FIU Law – Criminal Law

Professor Hannibal Travis, Hannibal Travis - FIU Law – Entertainment Law and Cryptocurrency

Professor Kerri Stone, Kerri L. Stone - FIU Law – Employment Discrimination

Associate Dean Howard Wasserman,  Howard M. Wasserman - FIU Law  – Civil Procedure

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