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Visiting Researcher Program

FIU Law Welcomes Visiting Researchers

Individuals with a specific research project are invited to benefit from the FIU Law’s Library and faculty resources. Visiting Researchers are typically doctoral students from other disciplines or other countries, U.S. or foreign law professors in the early part of their careers, and practitioners working on international or comparative law-related research projects. Visiting Researchers may visit for one month up to one year with the possibility of renewal for up to one additional year depending on visa restrictions.


Obtaining the appropriate visa is your responsibility, although we will assist in any documentation you need for this process.


FIU does not provide on-campus housing. You must find your own accommodations and should plan housing arrangements prior to arriving in Miami. Housing should be within the city of Miami.

Medical Insurance

Visiting Researchers are required to have adequate health insurance coverage. Additional health insurance requirements may be necessary, and you will have to assume the costs of these requirements.


$200 application fee and a $600 monthly fee for the length stay.

To Apply

Candidates must submit a resume, and a detailed research proposal of no more than five pages to the Office of International & Graduate Studies at

Once prompted by the Office, the candidate must submit an official transcript from the university issuing the highest degree, proof of English language proficiency and a letter from the institution you represent or where you have to submit the research papers. Applications will be considered throughout the academic year.

After you’ve been accepted

 If you have been accepted into the Visiting Researcher Program (VRP), follow these instructions.  Please pay the VRP fees at these links provided below:

Follow the instructions below, and submit the appropriate forms in order for your DS-2019 to be processed. All forms and information must be submitted to the Office of International and Graduate Studies via or to the program coordinator, Lisbeth D’Lima via  We cannot process your DS-2019 until the following items have been submitted.

  1. Confirm your exact dates of the visit. The insurance plan offered through FIU begins its coverage cycle on the 17th of the month and ends on the 16th of the month. Therefore, it is more cost effective to start your visit on the 17th and finish on the 16th. Once the dates are confirmed, we will use those exact dates on all of your visa paperwork, and it will no longer be possible to change the dates of your visit.
  2. Submit a copy of your passport; if needed this copy will also be used for the J1 visa. Also submit copy of your dependents’ passports if applying for their J2 visas.
  3. Complete the New Employee Form here. You may leave the first two blanks empty.
  4. If you are not currently a student, please submit this initial DS-2019 application. If you are currently a student at your home university outside of the United States, submit this initial DS-2019 application.

Read through this document entirely, and fill out the section – “EXCHANGE VISITOR INFORMATION: PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY” complete filling the form out until you get to the section on the second page – “CERTIFICATION OF FACULTY SPONSOR: PLEASE READ AND SIGN.” This section will be completed by us.

  1. If you have any dependent(s) and are applying for J2 visa(s) for your dependent(s), please complete this form.
  2.  Read and complete the 2017-2018 Insurance Form to make your medical insurance payment. Create the link for the new form as well. I have the form in PDF This must be paid before we can process your DS-2019. If you purchase your own health insurance, your health insurance company must complete this form. It must then be approved by FIU. Otherwise, FIU cannot process your DS-2019. Please contact this office if you are considering alternate insurance.
  3. Submit financial documentation (bank statement in English) which verifies, in U.S. dollars, how you will be supported while here. Refer to page four of initial DS-2019 application (refer to #4) for more information.
  4. Submit the English proficiency form and any required documents along with the English proficiency form (English Proficiency Form)
  5. If you are currently pursuing a degree from your university outside of the United States, you are required to submit a letter from your academic advisor in your home country.  This letter must describe your academic program, confirm the supervising FIU professor that will supervise your work, and state the beginning and end date of your visit at FIU. This letter should be addressed to the supervising FIU professor on official letterhead and emailed via or to the program coordinator, Lisbeth D’Lima at

Once your documents have been processed, FIU will mail your DS-2019 and official offer letter to you via express mail – eShip Global – a private mail service company that is not affiliated with FIU. eShip Global makes arrangements with DHL, UPS, or Federal Express to have your documents express mailed to you and requires an additional fee paid directly to them. Follow the instructions to create your eShip Global account:

  1. Register and activate your account with eShip Global. Registration and activation of your account is free.
  2. Click the “Receive” option.
  3. Type “Florida” in the search box, or select it from the drop down list.
  4. Select “Florida International University” and then “Continue.”
  5. Select “College of Law” and then “Continue.”
  6. Select “Ship/Quote.”

Note: P.O. Box addresses are generally not preferred by express carriers. If entering a P.O. Box address, be sure to provide the complete physical address where the P.O. Box is located in order to avoid delays or missed deliveries.

  1. On the confirmation page, check your shipment details.
  2. On the same page, complete the credit card information form.
  3. Select “Confirm” to advance to the shipment summary page.
  4. FIU will automatically be notified by University Express Mail Services (eShipGlobal) that you have requested your documents to be shipped via express mail. You will receive a confirmation email from eShip Global with a tracking number so that you can track the shipment.
  5. Receive your documents in 3-5 business days from the date of mailing.

For relevant additional information please go to FIU Global Affairs ISSS / J-1 Visiting Scholars

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