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Special Collections

Caribbean Law & Jurisprudence

A collection of XIX century and early XX century primary legal materials from Commonwealth Caribbean countries. These materials cover acts, ordinances and case law reports, as early as 1643, from former British Commonwealth colonies and territories, Venezuela, and Guatemala.

Civil Codes

This collection consists of nineteenth and early twentieth century civil codes, and its revisions until 1923 illustrate the history and development of the civil legal systems of different jurisdictions including Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Belgium, Morocco, and Japan, among other countries. This unique collection is part of Mario Diaz Cruz Library, collected and acquired by Mario Diaz Cruz for the Law firm library in Havana before 1959.

Cuban Law

A collection of laws of Cuba in force during the Spanish colonial era through early republican period selected from the Mario Diaz Cruz library. These legal materials are mainly covering the areas of commercial law, property, wills and trust, contracts, family, and labor laws as well as constitutional law.

Elaine Bloom Library

The Honorable Elaine Bloom served as Miami Beach's state representative from 1974-1978 and 1986-2000 and continues to serve South Florida as a prominent female leader. This library contains her bill drafts, personal papers, recognitions, and her own oral history, taken to capture her voice as a founding member of the FIU board, Florida State congresswoman, and present-day female leader.

Mario Diaz Cruz Collection

Brought to Miami by his son who fled Cuba in 1958, this is the law firm library of Mario Diaz Cruz, Sr., and represents what a Havana law practice library would have held from 1915 to 1957. Unique to this collection is Diaz Cruz's own hand-written Index of Cuban Law and Jurisprudence / Indice a la Legislación y Jurisprudencia Cubana.

Spak Wedgwood Collection

Donated as part of Theodore and Rosalind Spak's endowment benefitting the College of Law, the collection features Wedgwood ceramic wares representing the rich diversity of materials and techniques utilized by Wedgwood.

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