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Food and Drink Policy

Food and Drink Policy Update for Fall 2020

No food or drink is permitted in the FIU Law Library for Fall 2020 operations. Please respect this policy at all times and plan accordingly when utilizing FIU Law Library resources.

Guidelines for Food and Drink

The FIU Law Library provides a welcoming environment that is comfortable and conducive to study.  Food and beverages are allowed on the second and third floors of the Law Library, except in study rooms, with additional limitations set out below.

  • Only water in spill proof containers are allowed in study rooms.
  • Hot and cold beverages are allowed in containers with spill-proof lids or caps.
  • Plastic lids on fast food beverage cups are not spill-proof.
  • Food is permitted as long as it is not greasy, messy, noisy or smelly or in any way disruptive of individuals using the Law Library.
  • Food & beverages should not be consumed near computer terminals, printers, copiers, or other electronic equipment.
  • Place all uneaten food and packaging in waste receptacles.
  • Always clean up after yourself.
  • Inform library staff of any spills.

Theodore and Rosalind Spak Information Commons Rules

On the first floor Theodore and Rosalind Spak Information Commons, computer lab, or at study tables, a strict no food policy and only liquids in spill proof containers will be allowed.

Library Hours

MON-FRI 8:30 am -  5:00 pm

SAT-SUN  Closed


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