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The Olivas Faculty Recruitment Initiative


The Faculty Recruitment Initiative is an effort by several law faculty leaders from around the country aimed to provide a resource for law students from a host of non-traditional backgrounds interested in entering the academy. If you are interested in the Initiative, please contact Ediberto Roman at

This initiative is to attract interested students to send the initiative's founder,  Professor Ediberto Roman, their CVs and draft articles. Professor Roman will review and work with each applicant and their materials. After improving said applications, Professor Roman will eventually forward these materials to law deans and appointments committee chairs from across the country. Thus far, over a 100 law faculty that have committed to reviewing interest students' materials, and forwarding them to their respective appointments committees, and a over a dozen law deans have similarly agreed to become active with this initiative.

This group of faculty friends will be asked to "adopt" individual candidates, and some will attend conferences such a LLSA, NBA, HNBA, and others regional law conferences near their respective cities. This model will follow the Herculean efforts Michael Olivas undertook decades ago when he almost single-handedly changed the number of the Latinx law professoriate from 20+ members when he started to eventually over 200 members, a number that has remained largely stagnant for decades. Given that the initiative will include several committed law faculty, the initiative's team is confident they can reach and affect an even broader group.  In the coming weeks, leaders at FIU will be sending out letters to student groups around the country, which will include Latinx, Black, Asian, and Native American student associations.

For those interested students that may not be ready to enter the academy, the initiative will recommend and direct these students to LLM programs, etc., and generally try to provide them useful advice on how they might be able to fulfill their dreams.


Faculty Hiring News Update

Tulane Law School invites applications for a Forrester Fellowship. Forrester Fellowships are designed for promising scholars who plan to apply for tenure-track law school positions. The Fellows are full-time faculty in the law school and are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the intellectual life of the school. The law school provides significant support, both formal and informal, including faculty mentors, a professional travel budget, and opportunities to present works-in-progress in various settings.

Westerfield Fellow, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law; start date: August 2020 

Fellowships for Aspiring Law Professors

Click here to download the spreadsheet of fellowships for aspiring law professors.

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