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Student Ambassadors

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

FIU Law Ambassadors are available to help prospective students, their families and the FIU community get an inside view of what FIU Law is really about. Student Ambassadors are leaders and come from different backgrounds, with varying undergraduate degrees from universities around the country. They serve as the link between the current law school community and the future student body.

Victoria Dias

Undergraduate Institution: Florida State University
Hometown: Wellington, FL

Legal Affiliation: Student Bar Association - Secretary, Criminal Law Society - Secretary, Lexis Nexis Representative, Peer Mentor

Why FIU Law?

Obviously, the bar passage rate played a role but a student at the time told me about the community that FIU Law fosters. He told me all about how students really try to help each other whenever they can and that the administration truly cares for all of their students. When I toured FIU Law, my tour guide immediately made me feel at home and I was able to see the collaborative community FIU Law offers firsthand.

My favorite thing about FIU Law?

The people, the professors, how easy it is to get involved, and how incredible Dean Schulze is at teaching us “how to law school.”

Kamila Fernandez

Undergraduate Institution: Florida International University
Hometown: Miami, FL
Legal Affiliation: Student Bar Association: SGA Representative, Criminal Law Society: Event Coordinator, Teaching Assistant: LSV I, Peer Mentor

Why FIU Law? FIU Law is a very diverse institution that values inclusiveness. As a first-generation law student, the unique academic culture that exists at FIU Law instills confidence in me to achieve my utmost potential in this special environment.

My favorite thing about FIU Law? My favorite thing about FIU Law is how supportive the faculty is. The professors are very passionate about their students' success!

Lynden James

Lynden James

Undergraduate Institution: FIU
Hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Legal Affiliation: Student Bar Association, Vice-President, Law Review, H.T. Smith Black Law Student Association, Reaching Out Director, Caribbean Law Student Association, Secretary, Peer Mentor

Why FIU Law? I went FIU for undergrad and made it home, so I wanted to go to law school in the place where I call my home and FIU Law is exactly that.

My favorite thing about FIU Law? My favorite thing about FIU Law is that it operates like a family, as opposed to a law school. The faculty go above and beyond to ensure that the needs of the students are met, just as a family should and the student body is really close knit, even though law school forces you to compete with your peers for grades.

Marcus Leonard

Marcus Leonard

Undergraduate Institution: Florida International University
Hometown: Miami, Fl
Legal Affiliation: H.T. Smith Black Law Student Association - Vice President, Caribbean Student Bar Association – Treasurer, Haitian American Law Student Association – Treasurer

Why FIU Law? I'm a Panther through and through. From my time as an undergrad on campus, I knew I wanted to attend the college of law here at FIU. The faculty and staff have surpassed all expectations. All the professors are extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and push their students to succeed. Did I forget to mention the bar passage rate?

My favorite thing about FIU Law? The sense of community is truly authentic. Everyone including students, alumni, and professors are willing to lend a helping hand as you pursue your academic and career goals. FIU Law is more than a school it’s a family.

Melissa Lima

Undergraduate Institution: Florida International University
Hometown: Miami, FL
Legal Affiliation: Student Bar Association, Peer Mentor, LexisNexis Representative

Why FIU Law? If you couldn't already tell by my undergrad school of choice, I love FIU. Having been in Miami pretty much my entire life, I couldn't see myself anywhere else but here. When I started my undergrad at FIU, I immediately felt welcomed. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the culture and the inclusivity that FIU promotes. Law school is no easy feat and it could really take a toll on you. I knew that in choosing where I went to law school, I had to make sure it would be somewhere that I felt supported and understood. FIU Law was the perfect match and luckily, it chose me, too.

My favorite thing about FIU Law? I'll probably be the 100th person to say this, but FIU Law, in my opinion, is the best because of its people. From the students all across, to the faculty and administration, they are truly special individuals. Law is a profession that is very big on networking, and FIU Law has created an environment that enables the creation of strong bonds between one another, with people who truly care about you and want you to succeed. It's easy to get lost in the motions of law school, so it's great to have people surrounding you that will help you find your way back to yourself.

Natalia Morales

Natalia Morales

Undergraduate Institution: University of Miami
Hometown: Miami, FL.
Legal Affiliation: Hispanic Law Student Association – Secretary, Federal Bar Association - Networking Director, Student Bar Association – Treasurer, Peer Mentor

Why FIU Law? Choosing a law school that was both close to home and would prepare me for a successful legal career was of upmost importance to me. I chose FIU Law because of its bar passage rate and reputation in the Miami legal community.

My favorite thing about FIU Law? By far, my favorite thing about FIU Law is the people. The sense of community and camaraderie amongst the students and faculty is unparalleled. I have met some of my greatest friends at FIU Law.