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Law Path Journey

The Law Path Journey

FIU Law Path consists of the following: Six-Week Summer Program

FIU Law Path begins with a six-week summer program taught by law school faculty and law students, where Scholars learn the fundamental components of the American legal system and the case method (Socratic) approach to studying law. Courses, including legal writing and analysis, help students develop the analytical and critical thinking skills expected of law students. This academic preparation aims to reduce attrition between the first and second year of law school.


During the fall of the academic year, what is typically the junior year for Law Path Scholars, students are assigned a mentor from the bench or bar.

Experiential Learning + Ethics and Professionalism

In the spring, students participate in experiential learning, including one of FIU’s many law clinics, and a series of FIU Law workshops focused on ethics and professionalism. This aspect of the program engages students in legal skill-building experiences that also contextualize ethical principles and rules of professionalism implicated in the practice of law.

LSAT Preparation and Law School Application Workshops

The second summer of FIU Law Path consists of an LSAT preparation course taught by national test specialists. Better LSAT preparation means better LSAT scores, which are essential to help underrepresented students compete in law school admissions. To give our Scholars every advantage, they receive pre-law advising about where and when to apply to law school and attend law school application workshops.

Law School Applications + LSAT Testing

Scholars take the LSAT in the fall and work on their law school applications with support from the Law Path team. To gain admission into the entering class in the fall following graduation from college, students apply for law school in the fall of their senior year.

Previous Cohorts

To date, FIU Law Path has enrolled two cohorts. The first cohort of 28 students started in summer 2019 and is now in the law school application phase. The second cohort of 36 students started in summer 2020. They will take the LSAT preparation course in summer 2021, when Cohort Three is set to begin. THIS PROGRAM IS OFFERED AT NO COST TO PARTICIPANTS.

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