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Healthcare Concentration

Healthcare is currently undergoing its most drastic transformation in over a century. From the Affordable Care Act to post-pandemic public health policies, healthcare concerns are front-page news and on the minds of legislators and regulators everywhere. The Healthcare JM program addresses the pressing need for legal education across the vast landscape that is the healthcare services industry. A sound understanding of laws and regulations is vital for individuals working with providers, payors, government agencies, and public health organizations, and other entities that affect access to, and delivery of, healthcare services. The Healthcare concentration prepares its graduates to identify problems and recommend solutions to improve healthcare programs. 

JM Healthcare Curriculum

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3
Introduction to American LawIntroduction to Regulatory CompliancePublic Health and the Law
Legal Analysis and WritingContracts and Business LawMedicare and Medicaid Law
Torts and Criminal LawRegulation of Health InsuranceRegulation of Medical Institution

Healthcare Concentration Application