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Study Abroad

Your Best Law School Experience in an Unforgettable City

FIU’s Study Abroad in Seville provides an excellent opportunity for you to earn six-credits of highly recommended bar tested courses while also expanding your knowledge of comparative and international legal issues as they pertain to Spain and the rest of Europe, and experiencing the marvelous history and vibrant culture of Seville.  The academic component of this program is governed by the rules of FIU Law and the American Bar Association (ABA).  Classes will be offered at the University of Seville Law School in a convenient schedule that allows the students to explore the surroundings of the magnificent city of Seville and travel throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.  Additionally, the program will include guided visits to legal institutions, historical landmarks, lectures by University of Seville professors, and other academic and professional activities.

 Seville Study Abroad Program 2022

The 2022 edition of FIU Law’s Seville Study Abroad Program will focus on two highly recommended bar tested courses: Criminal Procedure Investigation and Business Organizations, while also offering opportunities to learn about comparative and international legal issues pertaining to Spain and the rest of Europe, and to experience the marvelous history and vibrant culture of Seville and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Click here for the full schedule.

Course Descriptions

Criminal Procedure Investigation (3 credits) LAW 6112

Professor Phyllis Williams Kotey,

Criminal Procedure will be taught by Phyllis Diane Kotey, Director of Externship and Pro Bono Program and Clinical Professor of Law. It will focus on the constitutional issues confronting law enforcement and suspects during a criminal investigation under the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the U.S. constitution, and will also comparatively examine these areas with the context of the Spanish legal system.

Business Organizations (3 credits) Law 6060

Professor Antony Page,

Business Organizations will be taught by Antony Page, Dean and FIU Foundation Professor of Law. It will focus on the practical, theoretical, legal, and business context of business organizations, including the corporation, agency, partnership, and the increasingly important area of limited liability companies.  The course will address questions of choice of organizational form, limited liability, directors’ and shareholders’ fiduciary duties, the social role of the corporation and as time permits, transfers in control.  This course will also explore some of the basic concepts and vocabulary of the business world and will be looking at ways business lawyers can create value for their clients.


Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities will feature Spanish law professors and local practitioners who will lead lectures, guided visits and other opportunities especially designed to enhance the academic and professional focus of the program.


Other Academic Information

  • Classes and additional activities are scheduled Mondays through Thursdays until 3:30 pm.
  • Some classes and other activities will include guest lectures by University of Seville faculty.
  • Both courses are subject to the upper-level normalization as per FIU Law’s academic regulations.

The FIU Law Study Abroad Program in Seville is approved by the American Bar Association.


  • In-depth study of essential criminal and corporate law-related topics.
  • Overview to the legal system, institutions, and legal cultures of Spain, and the European Union.
  • Guided visits to legal institutions in Seville.
  • English instruction with the possibility of enrolling in additional activities in Spanish

Professional development, networking, educational, social activities and other opportunities of immersion into the cultures of Spain and surrounding countries.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have completed the first-year curriculum, be enrolled, and in good academic standing at an ABA accredited law school.
  • Hold a valid passport to travel to Spain.
  • Submit required forms and documents
  • Pay non-refundable Registration fee ($275).
  • FIU's Education Abroad Fee ($195)
  • Attend personal or phone interview
  • Complete pre-departure orientation by May 1st, 2022

Registration, Tuition, Expenses, and Financial Aid

Payable to FIU

  • Tuition (6 credits) $ 4,500
  • Registration fee    $ 275
  • FIU's Education Abroad Fee    $ 195

Estimated individual expenses**

  • Housing and meals $ 1,500
  • Airfare (MIA-SVQ-MIA) $ 1,200
  • Miscellaneous expenses $    500

 (**) These amounts are for reference only as individual expenses vary from student to student.  Each participant will be responsible for his or her own travel, lodging, and related expenses.

Tuition 2022:

The tuition of $4,500 for the four-week program covers two 3-credit courses. Registered students are required to all take six credits.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for FIU Law students through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, RDB 1044. Contact the College of Law Office of Financial Aid at 305.348.8006 or email College of Law Financial Aid <>. Students from other law schools should inquire about the availability of assistance at their own schools’ financial aid offices.


How to Register

COL Study Abroad Registration at FIU Global Affairs

  1. Complete online registration through FIU Study Abroad portal here
  2. Follow instructions, complete and upload the documents requested
  3. Pay the FIU's Education Abroad fee of $195.00 when the prompt appears in your MY.FIU page which will be approximately two weeks before departure. If you are a non-FIU student, you will receive special instructions from the Office of International and Graduate Studies on how to pay the FIU Education Abroad fee
  4. Pay a non-refundable $275 FIU Law registration fee, via the College of Law Registration Fee or with a check or money order payable to FIU paid in person at the International & Graduate Studies office (RDB 2073)
  5. Non-FIU Law students, additionally have to complete Visiting Student Application and mail it in original form with the required documents to Lisbeth D’Lima ( at the International & Graduate Studies Office at FIU Law

Cancellation Policy

FIU Law reserves the right to cancel this program at any time or make changes, modifications or substitutions to the program.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities who may require specific accommodations while studying abroad should contact Lisbeth D’Lima ( at the International & Graduate Studies Office at FIU Law.

The Florida International University College of Law offers an ABA approved Study Abroad in Spain each summer. The courses are considered part of the FIU curriculum and are approved, administered, and assessed by FIU-approved faculty.

FIU affirms its commitment to ensure that each member of the University community shall be permitted to work or study in an environment free from any form of illegal discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, disability, sex (including sexual misconduct), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, marital status, veteran status, and/or any other legally protected status. The University recognizes its obligation to work towards a community in which diversity is valued and opportunity is equalized

Health and Safety

FIU Law’s 2022 Study Abroad Program in Seville will follow the health and safety precautions set forth by FIU through its program Panthers Protecting Panthers (P3) and by the University of Seville’s Procedimiento de Seguridad y Salud para la Continuidad del Trabajo y la Actividad Académica ante la Pandemia Covid-19 (PRC-1.5.) of 14 July 2021 and other guidelines issued by the Council for Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía regional government.  The aforementioned safety and health measures include, inter alia:

  1. The farthest possible social distancing between students, based on the capacity of each classroom, and the use of FFP2 type masks by students and faculty.
  2. The designation of fixed seating to facilitate contract tracing among students.
  3. The use of hand sanitizing solutions and frequent cleaning of classroom equipment.

The program will abide by any additional measures that may be issued by the universities and government agencies in Spain and the United States.  More information about the Covid-19 policies issued by the University of Seville can be accessed here:

Should the University suspend, change, or make a substitution to a study abroad program based on the best interests of participants, including in cases of emergency or threats to health, safety, or security refunds of costs or fees will be made in accordance with published FIU policies and only if the funds are uncommitted and/or recoverable.  Payments made directly to an airline, travel agency or any third party are not recoverable by the University and cannot be refunded or reimbursed.


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