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Academic Advising

Undergraduate FIU students seeking information on FIU Law and admitted FIU Law students should contact the FIU Law Office of Admissions at or 305-348-8006

Academic Advising

FIU Law is committed to providing individualized academic advising to all current FIU Law students, including providing guidance on course selection, graduation requirements and academic standards. Academic Advising starts with FIU Law Orientation, where incoming students will be given an overview of the FIU Law curriculum.

All first-year FIU Law students will have small-group academic-advising sessions in the spring of their first year; advanced-standing and transfer students will have small-group sessions in the fall and spring of their first year at FIU Law. All current FIU Law students are encouraged to make an appointment with Associate Dean Angelique Ortega for individualized academic advising. Dean Ortega provides advising to current College of Law students only.  Undergraduate pre-law students seeking advice should contact the FIU Law Office of Admissions at 305-348-8006.

For an overview of the FIU Law curriculum, graduation requirements, and academic standards for Full-Time Students, please see: PowerPoint presentation available here.


  • Grade Conversion PowerPoint Presentation is available here.