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International & Graduate Studies

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Bem-Vinda

The Office of International and Graduate Studies offers a variety of programs including: semester abroad programs, student exchange programs, visiting researcher and professor opportunities, summer study abroad programs, and a number of events and activities for students, faculty, and members of the Bar. The Office is also responsible for planning the College’s graduate degrees including an advanced-standing J.D. for foreign lawyers (JDAS) and the LL.M. in addition to keeping abreast of other graduate opportunities for the College’s students.

LL.M. Degree

The LL.M. Program at FIU Law offers a first rate legal education to foreign attorneys interested in bolstering their professional platform with a comprehensive understanding of the laws, institutions, and legal culture of the United States.

J.D. Advanced Standing

The JD with Advanced Standing Program allows students to receive up to 30 hours of credit towards their JD for prior legal studies in another country. If the maximum amount of credit is applied towards the JD at FIU Law, students may complete their JD in approximately two years of full-time study. 

International Legal Programs

As part of the Office of International and Graduate Studies, FIU LAW also offers a variety of auxiliary and advanced courses for foreign-trained lawyers law students (from outside of the U.S) on a wide range of legal topics all year round.

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