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Joint-Degree Pathway programs

The Best of Both Worlds

FIU offers a broad range of high-quality graduate level degree programs. Law students interested in interdisciplinary study may take advantage of these curricula through one of the following joint-degree pathway programs.

Students enrolled in a joint-degree pathway program will have the opportunity to study both law and another discipline in such a way that the study of each will enhance and complement the study of the other. Further, joint-degree candidates will be able to obtain the two degrees in less time than it would take to obtain both degrees if pursued consecutively. Students interested in one of the joint-degree programs should consult with the Office of Admissions at the FIU Law for further information and advice.

Each college offering the joint-degree pathway program manages its own, independent admissions process and procedures. In addition to these programs, students may be able to arrange for other cross-disciplinary graduate studies, with advance permission from FIU Law and the Dean of the other graduate discipline. Normally, FIU Law will accept six credits of rigorous graduate courses completed in other FIU graduate programs. Students who have matriculated at FIU Law may propose a program of cross-disciplinary study to the Office of the Registrar for approval by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

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