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Well-Being at FIU Law

FIU offers counseling and psychological services:
CAPS | 24-hour hotline (305) 348-2277


Well-being is the ongoing process of seeking to thrive in each of life’s dimensions: intellectual, physical, emotional, social, occupational, and spiritual. Your well-being is integral to your life as a law student and future advocate.

Law students who are proactive about their well-being are better equipped to reach their academic potential.  They are more likely to become lawyers who competently and ethically serve their clients, the profession, and society.  And they are more likely to enjoy the rewards of a rich and meaningful professional life.

Colors in the scales of justice represent the domains of well-being.
Logo created by Marissa Cabrera, Office of Student Services.

We invite you to commit to your well-being today.  Take advantage of opportunities featured here to learn, reflect, and engage on issues of well-being, resilience, meaning, and success—however you define it.

Lawyer well-being images and domain definitions are provided by courtesy of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.