Practice-Ready Ethics & Professionalism Program


About PREP

The SBA and FIU Alumni Association co-sponsor the PREP Program in conjunction with the FIU Law Clinic and the Office of Student Services. This program takes Professional Development classes and workshops to the next level. Students can achieve the designation of PREP Graduate by attending PREP-sponsored or PREP-designated events throughout the academic year. PREP-sponsored programming will consist of speakers and workshops on ethics and professionalism; practice readiness; and leadership. Students will have the opportunity to attend events both on and off campus. PREP-designated events include high-quality scholarly workshops and panel discussions sponsored by the FIU Law faculty as well as career and skills-building programming offered by the Career Planning and Placement Office, the legal clinic, the trial advocacy program, student organizations, and local bar associations.

The PREP program offers extra-curricular education programs that promote competency in the following areas:

  • Practice-area knowledge
  • Practice-Readiness / Practice Skills
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Career Development
  • Wellness
  • Leadership

Law students who wish to participate are required to attend at least 8 PREP-designated events per academic year, in order to achieve the designation of PREP Graduate. For example, you may complete 4 events in Fall and 4 events in Spring, or 3 events in Fall and 5 events in Spring or vice-versa, or whichever way that will get you to 8 total events by mid-April. Those who meet all of the requirements will receive an invitation to the PREP End-of-Year ceremony to commemorate all PREP Graduates. PREP Graduates will receive PREP Medals at the End-of-Year ceremony. Students who already are PREP Graduates may complete the program a second year to receive the PREP Honorary Pin. This program is available to all law students, and the SBA Professional Development Committee and FIU Law Alumni Association highly recommend that all law students participate.

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2019-2020 Events

-Attend ONE FIU Law Run Group: Nature Preserve Jogging Trail session per semester
-Attend ONE LexisNexis Training per semester
-Participate in ONE BLSA Law Student for A Day Session per semester: Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Oct. 18, OR Nov. 1
-08/23/19 Black Law Student Association: “How to” for 1Ls @ 1pm–3:30pm RDB 1000
-08/26/19 Environmental Law Society: Parks & Policy: Biscayne National Park Today @ 12:15pm–1:15pm RDB 2007
-09/09/19 Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) – Lunch and Learn @12pm RDB 2002
-09/10/19 BLSA-Network to Networth @12pm-1pm Large Courtroom
-09/12/19 International Law Student Association (ILSA) – What is International Arbitration Anyways? @ 12pm in RDB 2006
-09/17/19 ACS– Constitutional Day Panel Discussion @ 12pm RDB 2002
-09/17/19 FBA Federal Career Panel @ 12:30-2pm Large Courtroom
-09/23/19 Mindfulness and Disability Rights Association - Fight the Stigma! @ 12-1pm Large Courtroom
-09/24/19 WLS: Women in the Law Series #1: Civil Litigation @ 12pm-1:30pm RDB 2008
-09/25/19 IPSA: IP, Law School, and You (IP Certificate) @ 12:30pm-1:30pm RDB 2008
-09/25/19 An evening Lawyers Chapter debate - Professor Stephen Sachs on Originalism v. Living Constitution @ 5:30-8:30pm Large Courtroom
-09/25/19 The Federalist Society Student chapter - Speaker - Professor Stephen Sachs @ 12pm OR 5:30pm RDB 1000
-09/26/19 FIU Alum Brian Abramson-Vaccine, Vaccination and Immunization Law FIU Alum Brian Abramson will be speaking with students about this recent treatise Vaccine, Vaccination and Immunization Law @ 12pm RDB 1000
-10/01/19 FedSoc Student Chapter Event: Why Progressives Hate (and Federalists Should Love) the Electoral College & U.S. Senate @ 12pm
-10/01/19 BLSA-Hip Hop Karaoke @ 3:30pm RDB 1000
-10/02/19 Caribbean Student Bar Association's Carnival Panel @ 12:30-1:30pm RDB 2007
-10/03/19 Federal Bar Association together with the Women's Law Society and the SEC present: Saving and investing money for students @ 12pm RDB 2006
-10/03/19 HLSA: HNBA Value of Mentoring and Networking Panel @ 12:30pm-1:30pm RDB 2008
-10/07/19 International Law Student Association (ILSA): Intro to International Criminal Courts and Tribunals @ 12pm RDB 2008
-10/07/19 Women's Law Society (WLS) - Women in Law Series @ 12-1:30pm RDB 2007
-10/08/19 Phi Alpha Delta (P.A.D.) Financial Literacy Meeting presented by Professor Gabilondo @ 12-1pm RDB 2008
-10/09/19 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Immigration Panel @ 11am RDB 2006
-10/16/19 Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA) presents a Roundtable on Hispanic Identity @12pm Large Courtroom
-10/17/19 International Law Students Association (ILSA) International Externship & Research Opportunities @ 12pm RDB 2008
-10/22/19 Federalist Society (FedSoc) - Friendly Neighborhood ...China and North Korea? @ 1pm RDB 2008
-10/23/19 BLSA-Civil Rights through the Lens of Music: BLSA Panel @ 3:30pm RDB 1000
-10/24/19 Sports, Entertainment, Fashion and Art Law Panel @ 1pm RDB 2008
-10/24/19 IPSA: Trademarks 101 @ 12:30pm-1:30pm RDB 2008
-10/24/19 Women's Law Society (WLS) - Danette's Voice @ 4-6pm Large Courtroom
-10/28/19 DRLA - Disability Rights Law Association: Cultivating Inclusion - Why language matters @ 12pm RDB 1006
-10/30/19 Women's Law Society (WLS) - Women in Law Series @ 12pm RDB 2007
-10/31/19 The Business Law Society (BLS) and the International Dispute Resolution Club (IDRC) Present Hot Topics in Customs and International Trade Law @ 12:30pm Large Courtroom
-11/04/19 Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law society (RPPTL) - Florida Department of Transportation: Panel on Eminent Domain @ 12-1:30pm Large Courtroom
-11/05/19 International Law Student Association (ILSA) International Art Disputes @ 12pm RDB 2008
-11/05/19 Women' Law Society (WLS) - Women in Law Series @ 12:30-2pm RDB 2005
-11/06/19 Caribbean Student Bar Association: Career Panel @ 12:30-1:30pm RDB 2007
-11/07/19 BLSA-Is "I Fear for My Life" a License to Kill? @ 11:30am RDB 1000
-11/07/19 IPSA: IP and Human Rights @ 12:30pm-1:30pm RDB 2005
-11/08/19 Law Review Symposium
-11/13/19 Arbitrating Technology and Intellectual Property Cases: Latin American and European Approaches @ 8am FIU Downtown on Brickell
-11/18/19 Mindfulness Association Professor Lecture @ 12:30-1:30pm
-02/12/2020 BLSA-Path to Greatness @ 3:30pm RDB 1000
-02/18/2020 BLSA-HerStory: Panel on Women Empowerment @ 4:30pm RDB 1000
-03/27/2020 BLSA-Honoring Legends: Accolades Ceremony @5pm RDB 1000

Spring 2019 Events

– 01/16 12:30pm in RDB1000: ABA Litigation Panel
– 01/17 12:15pm in RDB1000: Federalist Society – Kathryn Ciano, General Counsel for Uber
– 01/31 12pm in FIU Law Atrium: 2019 Public Interest & Government Law Resource Fair
– 02/12 12:30pm in RDB2008: BLSA: Judge Phyllis Kotey: Path to Greatness
– 02/20 7pm in RDB1000: BLSA – HERstory: A Celebration of Black Girl Magic
– 03/29 9am in RDB1000: BLSA Florida Pre-Law Symposium
-01/22 4pm in RDB 1006: Skadden Fellowship informational session with representatives Susan Butler Plum and Kathleen Rubenstein
– 01/23 12:30pm in RDB 2006: FBA presents How to Network
– 01/29 12pm in RDB 2008: WLS “Dress for Success”
– 01/29 12:30pm in Large Courtroom: Federalist Society presents Justin Pearson
– 01/30 12pm: Employment Law Luncheon
– 01/31 12:30pm in RDB 2008: Federalist Society presents Homeland Security by Paul Roscenzwig
– 01/31 5:30pm: Federal Judicial Reception:
– 02/05 12:30pm in Large Courtroom: Federalist Society presents Trump v. Hawaii by Scott Keller
– 02/06 12:30pm in RDB 2008: Intellectual Property Law Student Association – Certificate in IP
– 02/19 12:15pm in RDB 2002: PILS “Assignment of Benefits”
– 02/20 12:30pm in RDB 2008: Federalist Society presents Iraq War by Christopher Shays
– 02/26 12:30pm in RDB2008: ILS/ACLU Effects of Current Immigration Policies: Still in Detention
– 02/27 12:30pm in RDB2008: Careers at the United States Patent and Trademark Office
– 02/28 12pm: What to Expect this Summer & Beyond – WLS & MDFAWL
– 02/28 6-8pm: Speed Networking

Fall 2018 Events

– 9/11 12:15pm in Room 2008: Hate Speech co-hosted by Federalist Society, Liberarian Student Association, and ACLU
– 9/12 12pm in Room 2008: Let Your Network Be Your Net Worth: H.T. BLSA
– 9/17 12:30pm in Room 2008: ACLU – Access to Education
– 9/20 6pm at Carlton Fields: Law Student Mentoring Reception
– 9/27 12pm in Room 2006: Caribbean Bar Student Association – Legal Issues in Carnival Culture
– 9/27 12:30pm in Room 2008: Stonewall Alliance – Employment Law Panel
– 10/9 12:30pm Room 2008: Women’s Law Society “Know The Signs”
– 10/24 12:30pm at RDB2006 Animal Legal Defense Fund: 13th Amendment Speaker: Sonia Stratmann
– 10/24 4:00pm Large Courtroom – Dannette’s Voice: Women’s Law Society
– 10/24 6:30pm-8:30pm FBA Mentoring Kickoff at Batch Gastropub. RSVP with the name and affiliation of each person attending to
– 10/25 12:30pm Women’s Initiative Program Lunch and Learn at FIU Law
– 10/27 12pm-4pm CB Smith Park: South Florida Legal Mentoring Picnic Register Here (!event/register/2018/10/27/south-florida-legal-mentoring-picnic)
– 10/29 12:30pm Women’s Initiative Program Lunch and Learn at Reed Smit
– Any Lexis Training (Only one is needed for PREP Credit)
– 10/5 in Large Courtroom : Law Review Symposium. More information and RSVP TBA
– 10/10 12:15pm Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick
– 10/15 National Injunction Debate with Professor Amanda Frost
American University Washington College of Law and Professor Wasserman
– 10/17 12:15pm Large Courtroom: Federalist Society present Mr. Geoff Shepard – Defense Counsel for Nixon during White House Counsel: Can Special Prosecutors Ever Really be Objective?
– 10/16 12:30pm Large Courtroom: FBA Federal Career Panel
– 10/18 12pm-2pm in Large Courtroom: WLS, ACLU, CABA, ILS, CSBA – Fall Lunch Series: Domestic Violence from Different Cultural Perspectives and Mental Health Issues from different legal systems
– 10/22 12:30pm Large Courtroom: When International Law Intersects with Family Law and Immigration Law
– 10/24 Dannette’s Voice: Women’s Law Society
– 10/25 in Large Courtroom : Law Review Symposium. More information and RSVP TBA
– 10/26 in Large Courtroom : Law Review Symposium. More information and RSVP TBA
– 10/31 12:30pm RDB 2006: Disability Rights Law Association Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker Matthew Dietz from the Disability Independence Group
– 11/6 12:15pm Large Courtroom: Federalist society- 3D Printed Guns Debate with Joshua Blackman and Professor Roman
– 11/8 12:00pm-1:45pm in Seminar Rooms 1006 & 1008 – Continuing the Conversation: A Students-helping-Students Career Event
– 11/13 12pm RDB 2008: PIN Healthcare Access: A panel of attorneys will discuss the problems facing their clients when it comes to accessing healthcare.
– 11/13 12:30pm Large Courtroom: Federalist Society presents “The Emerging Trump Doctrine Regarding National Security should be of Interest” with Jeff Addicott
– 11/13 12:30pm at RDB2008 Public Interest Network: Healthcare Access Panel
– 02/12 12pm in RDB 1008: Property Insurance Claims
– 02/13 12:30pm in RDB 2006: Succeeding as a Litigator
– 02/21 5pm in Atrium: Public Interest Auction
– 03/04 12:30pm in Large Courtroom: Women in Intellectual Property

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