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Global Legal Studies Initiative

Strengthening Our Presence

The Global Legal Studies Initiative (GLSI) aims to create a platform to strengthen FIU Law’s domestic and international presence, to expand its outreach to the private and public sectors, and to play a critical role in helping the global legal community address issues of critical importance.

Given FIU  Law’s geographical location at the crossroads of Latin America and its commitment to academic excellence and research in a globalized world, the GLSI also aspires to serve as a hub for the exchange of ideas, innovative research, independent policy-making, and outreach activities geared to understand and find solutions to the challenges of today’s global legal environment.

GLSI Interconnected Themes

The GLSI is currently involved or intends to become directly engaged and promote collaboration on three interconnected themes:

  •  International and transnational dispute resolution
  • The International Arbitration in Latin America Annual Summit
  • The Miami International Commercial Arbitration Pre-Moot
  • Current Developments in Investment Arbitration Annual Seminar
  • The Lago Agrio Hub: An electronic Database of the Chevron-Ecuador related litigation and arbitration
  • Sustainability, governance, and good practices
  • Sustainable Policy in Law, Business, and Society (SPLBS) Initiative
  • Corruption and other challenges to cross-border legal practice in the Americas
  • Innovations in legal education, and the globalization of the legal professions
  • Innovations in legal education in Latin America
  • The globalization of lawyers in the Americas and beyond

The GLSI is actively seeking additional funding sources to expand its activities, to sponsor innovative research, independent policy making, and outreach to the community.

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