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The Abraham S. Ovadia ’09 Career Planning and Placement Office

OVADIA CP&P HANDBOOK: Available here.

Career planning should begin on the first day of law school and continue throughout a student’s time at FIU Law. Crafting a successful career plan and obtaining meaningful employment requires effort on the students’ part, but the Ovadia Career Planning and Placement (CP&P) Office is here to help students succeed. The Ovadia CP&P Office is committed to marketing FIU Law to the legal community, increasing its outreach efforts to new and existing employers and to providing programming that will help students find jobs.

The Ovadia CP&P Office’s mission includes:
  • Marketing FIU Law, its students and its alumni to employers. The Ovadia CP&P Office engages the legal community to make sure that FIU Law and its students are front and center in the minds of prospective employers. The Ovadia CP&P Office goes to them and brings them here to witness FIU Law’s students and the excellent training and education they are receiving. The Ovadia CP&P Office actively solicits job opportunities from new employers and additional opportunities from employers who are already working with our Office. The Ovadia CP&P Office also screens and posts pertinent employment opportunities. The Ovadia CP&P Office’s efforts have substantially increased the number of active jobs listings on Symplicity and our Office is pleased that many students and alumni have found part-time and permanent employment through these postings.
  • Developing and maintaining effective relationships with employers. The Ovadia CP&P Office’s efforts to increase the number of private and public sector employers recruiting FIU Law students have been successful. During the academic year students will see many employers participating in programs hosted by our Office. This provides students with additional opportunities to make meaningful contacts that will serve them during their time at FIU Law and in their professional lives.
  • Creating an environment that will help students and alumni become better prepared for the job search. The Ovadia CP&P Office provides individualized counseling to students and alumni regarding career planning, goals, options and opportunities as well as job search strategies. The Ovadia CP&P Office Professional Development Handbook contains a wealth of information and useful links that are designed to introduce students to the Ovadia CP&P Office and its services. Throughout the academic year, the Ovadia CP&P Office hosts a variety of programs designed to introduce students to the diverse professional opportunities that are available.
  • Staying current on the state of the legal market and employment trends. The Ovadia CP&P Office stays up-to-date on the latest trends in the legal profession and their effect on the legal employment market. The Ovadia CP&P Office is a member of the most important professional placement organizations, including NALP (the National Association for Legal Professionals) and SFALP (the South Florida Association for Legal Professionals). Members of the Ovadia CP&P Office staff regularly attend national and local meetings and conferences to keep abreast of new developments in legal recruiting and find new opportunities for students.
  • Enhancing students’ exposure to and knowledge of various practice areas. The faculty members who serve as advisers to the Ovadia CP&P Office are experienced lawyers who advise students on the practical realities of working in a particular area of law. The faculty advisers are available to assist students interested in pursuing opportunities in their particular area of expertise, be it a summer internship or a post-graduation career. The addition of faculty advisers allows students access to both individuals and networks that complement the services of the Ovadia CP&P Office advisers and staff.