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Q&A with Professor Travis: Copyright Class Struggle

Earning an income in our time often involves ownership of or control over creative assets. Employing the law and philosophy of economics, this illuminating book explores the legal controversies that emerge when authors, singers, filmmakers, and social media barons leverage their rights into major paydays. It explores how players in the entertainment and technology sectors […]

The Uncertain Fate of Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status

George Zeckler* On January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced an earthquake that measured 7.0 on the earthquake Richter scale, occurring approximately twenty-five kilometers from Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince.[1]  The earthquakes affected over three million people, with death toll estimates ranging from 100,000 to 160,0000.[2]  On January 21, 2010, in response to the devastation in Haiti in […]

Q&A with Professor Wasserman: Understanding Civil Rights Litigation

This student-focused treatise provides a concise, accessible, comprehensive, and readable overview of the doctrine, policy, history, and theory of civil rights and constitutional litigation under Section 1983 and its Bivens federal counterpart. The book is written for courses on Civil Rights Litigation and Federal Courts; it can function as a primary assignment, as an assigned […]

Q&A with Professor Baker: Constitutional Analysis in a Nutshell

This authoritative text provides a framework for understanding individual liberty and governmental power and the institutional role played by the Supreme Court of the United States. Coverage in this new improved edition includes all the major topics of the subject: judicial review; commerce clause and state powers; federalism; separation of powers; congressional and executive powers; […]

Q&A with Professor Baker: First Amendment Law

This book reflects a basic truth: First Amendment law is caselaw. It thus edits cases lightly, and presents them in the Court’s own doctrinal structure, in order to reinforce the student’s learning of the law as the Court actually developed it. Notes and questions provide guidance in working with the opinions. Non-case materials (including drafts […]

Q&A with Professor Wasserman on Infield Fly Rule Is in Effect

The Infield Fly Rule is the most misunderstood rule in baseball and perhaps in all of sports. That also makes it the most infamous. Drawing on interviews with experts, legal arguments, and a study of every infield-fly play in eight Major League seasons, this book tells the complete story of the Rule. The author covers […]