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Special Collections

To study the legal system of a country is to understand, through the legal norms, the use, customs, and attitudes of a nation and the daily solutions that the people, through its government, arrived at to form a nation.

Mario Diaz Cruz Collection 

The FIU Law Library acquired the library of the well-known Cuban lawyer Mario Diaz Cruz, who practiced law in Havana from 1915 to 1958. When Mario Diaz Cruz, Sr. died in 1958, the collection had approximately 6,000 volumes and was transferred to Mario Diaz Cruz, Jr., who brought it to Miami in 1959. Once in Miami, the collection was acquired by the Rainforth Foundation of Coral Gables and, in January 2007, the collection was donated by the Foundation to the College of Law Library.

The collection represents what a good law firm library in Cuba would have contained in the early 20th century. It covers many primary and secondary Cuban legal materials such as La Jurisprudencia al Dia (the Supreme Court decisions since 1913) and Colección Legislativa. It also has several primary and secondary sources from important civil law countries with significant historic ties to Cuba such as France, Spain, and Italy, and, to a lesser extent, materials from other European countries.

There are also legal materials from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, as well as from the United States. It contains complete collections of the most important journals on private law such as Revista de Derecho Privado (Spain), Revista de Legislación y Jurisprudencia (Spain), Rivista di Diritto Privato (Italy), Revue Trimestrelle de Droit Civil (France) and foreign law: Nouvelle Revue Historique de Droit Francais et Etranger (France). Titles from Cuba include Revista Cubana de Derecho, Revista del Colegio de Abogados, and Oriente Revista General de Derecho.

The main emphasis of the collection is private law including commercial law, property, wills and trusts, banking, contracts and constitutional law. There are a few treatises on the Cuban sugar industry. An especially unique aspect of this collection is Mario Diaz Cruz’s handwritten annotations of the Cuban civil code. The annotations contain references to journal articles, treatises, court decisions and related legislation, as well as commentaries on many topics. For some titles, we have one copy that is annotated and another that is in the original form. This part of the collection is unique in the world.

Access to the collection is being expanded by an ongoing digitization project. To view the collection online, please visit the Mario Diaz Cruz Library in FIU Law Library’s institutional repository eCollections @ FIU Law Library.

Caribbean Collection

These materials cover acts, ordinances and case law reports, as early as 1643, from sixteen Caribbean countries: Trinidad and Tobago, British Guiana (Guyana), Saint Lucia, Saint Christopher and Anguilla, Barbados, Grenada, Bermuda, Nevis, the Leeward Islands, Saint Vincent, British Honduras (Belize), the Bahamas, and Jamaica, mainly former British Commonwealth colonies and territories and from Venezuela (1900 – 1928) and Guatemala (1893 – 1944). This Collection provides the history and development of the law and legal systems of the Caribbean during the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

The laws of the Caribbean derive from a mixed legal tradition of both common law and civil law systems. The Caribbean Collection contains documents that represent the common law, civil law and mixed legal systems that resulted from the different colonization processes that occurred in the region. Represented nations include former British Commonwealth, Spanish, Dutch, and French colonies, as well as current territories of those colonial powers. These represented nations underwent multiple changes in sovereign control, thus influencing the evolution and development of their laws and legal systems.

FIU Law Library provides online access to the Caribbean Collection through its institutional repository, eCollections @ FIU Law Library.  Access to the Collection is being expanded by an ongoing digitization project.  To view the documents, visit Caribbean Law and Jurisprudence, Cuban Law and Civil Codes (1800s-1923).

National Security and Human Rights

In 2006, the FIU Law Library and the FIU Green Library received a grant to develop the library collection on national security and human rights issues. This grant, sponsored by the United States Intelligence Community, was received through the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship Studies as part of a main grant to create a Program in National Security Studies at FIU.

Over one hundred and forty new titles were added to the College of Law Library on national security and human rights issues, along with a multi-volume set, an electronic database of collected documents on terrorism, and three new journal titles. The journal titles, The Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, and the Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, complement the already rich journal collection in the Library.

Topics covered by the collection include international and public security, terrorism, counter-terrorism, war on terror, peace and conflict resolution, border control, emigration and immigration, citizenship, ethnic conflicts and genocide, transnational crime, and asylum. Most materials are in English and deal with the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. These resources can be accessed through the FIU Libraries Catalog.