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During  June 2023, FIU Law’s faculty authors and publications were read in 132 countries and by scholars from 416 institutions worldwide. This scholarly impact resulted in 5,674 downloads of legal scholarship last month and contributed to 7,356 total citations to all publications. Here are the authors, series, publications and activities impact:

Our Series and Publications

Faculty Scholarship


FIU Law Review


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Recent Publications


Taleed El-Sabawi, Jennifer J. Carroll & Morgan Godvin, Drug-Induced Homicide Laws and False Beliefs about Drug Distributors: Three Myths That Are Leaving Prosecutors Misinformed, 60 AMCRIMLREV. 1381 (2023).

Taleed El-Sabawi & Jennifer Oliva, The Influence of White Exceptionalism on Drug War Discourse, 94 TEMPLREV. 649 (2022).

Jerry W. Markham, Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Kim Kardashian, Cryptocurrencies and the “Major Questions Doctrine”, 14 WM& MARY Bus. LREV. 515 (2023).


Activities & Events

Cyra Choudhury


Prof. Gilberto Guerrrero-Roca

Speak in Chile, at the 2-day Seminar on Investor-State Arbitration hosted by University Autonoma de Chile, University Finis Terrae, discussing new trends on the definition of both investors and investments in the field of investor-state arbitration.

Presented at the International Seminar “Towards the Construction of a Network of Legal Clinics In Peru: A Transversal Response to the Problem of Corruption”, in Lima, Peru.

Prof. Howard Wasserman

Wrote for SCOTUSBlog about the Supreme Court decision in Health & Hosp. Corp. v. Talevski, where the Court held that plaintiffs can pursue private litigation for violations of federal spending laws.

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