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M.C. Mirow has published “The Thistle, the Rose, and the Palm: Scottish and English Judges in British East Florida” in Networks and Connections in Legal History edited by Michael Lobban and Ian Williams (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). The initial research for the chapter was presented at a meeting of the British Legal History Conference, London, 2017. The book may be found here.

The Legal History Library, a book series co-edited by Remco van Rhee, Dirk Heirbaut, and Mirow, has recently published: Equity in Early Modern Legal Scholarship by Lorenzo Maniscalco (Brill, 2020); The Development of Commercial Law in Sweden and Finland (Early Modern Period – Nineteenth Century) by Katja Tikka (Brill, 2020); and Nordic Inheritance Law through the Ages: Spaces of Action and Legal Strategies edited by Marianne Holdgaard, Auður Magnúsdóttir, and Bodil Selmer (Brill, 2020).