Photo by: J. Albert Diaz/Daily Business Review

R. Alexander Acosta, Dean of the FIU College of Law was recently named to the Federal Judicial Nominating Commission of Florida (JNC). “It is a privilege to serve on the federal JNC,” said Acosta. “The Commission performs a critical public function in recommending the most qualified candidates to serve as federal judges, U.S. Attorneys and U. S. Marshals. I am honored to serve with my fellow Commissioners.” Acosta will serve on the JNC through 2015.

Acosta has a long history of public service. He was a member of the National Labor Relations Board, and the first Hispanic to hold the rank of Assistant Attorney General. Most recently, he served as the U.S. Attorney for Southern District of Florida. Acosta also serves on the Florida Innocence Commission; the Florida Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism; and the American Bar Association’s Council for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Education Pipeline.

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