Juris Doctor Transfer Students

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What do I need to submit along with my transfer application to FIU Law?

In addition to completing the online application through the Law School Admission Council, you must submit the following:

  1. An official law school transcript;
  2. A copy of the Credential Assembly Service or LSAC Law School Report on file at your prior law school.
  3. A personal statement articulating your reasons for wanting to transfer to FIU Law. Please limit your personal statement to one typed page, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. If you have a violation of law and/or a misconduct violation, then you must submit a written explanation that includes a description and final disposition of the incident along with copies of the official documents pertaining to the incident.
  4. Letter of Good Standing from the Dean’s or Registrar’s office (letter is not required until after acceptance to FIU Law).

I was conditionally admitted: what does that mean?

Students with outstanding academic records may be admitted based on first semester grades, conditioned upon your maintaining at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA through the second semester.  If you do not satisfy the GPA condition, then FIU Law reserves the right to rescind your offer of admission.

How many credits from my prior law school can transfer over to FIU Law?

A maximum of 31 credit hours may be transferred from your prior law school. To earn your law degree, you must complete a minimum of 59 credit hours “in house” at FIU Law. The Dean for Academic Affairs will determine the transferability of specific credits.

Does my GPA from my prior law school transfer over, too?

No, your prior law school GPA does not transfer over. Transfer credits are recorded as “TR” grades and have no impact on your FIU Law GPA. You will begin with a new GPA at FIU Law, which will solely be based on courses completed here.

Can I join FIU Law Review?


If you were invited to join the law review at your prior law school, have completed two legal writing courses, and have earned a minimum 2.67 GPA in your writing courses, then you are eligible for FIU Law Review membership. FIU Law Review will only honor an invitation to join your prior law school’s primary legal journal.

If you do not have an invitation to join the primary legal journal at your prior law school, then you may seek membership by participating in FIU Law Review’s write-on competition. Students participating in the write-on competition are also subject to the course and GPA requirements set forth above.

  1. On or before July 31st Registration: If you register for classes at FIU Law by July 31st, then you must participate in the write-on competition held for transfer students in August.  This is your only opportunity to seek FIU Law Review membership.
  2. On or after August 1st Registration: If you register for classes at FIU Law on or after August 1st, then your only opportunity to become a member is to participate in the write-on competition the following academic year, after your 2L year.

Can I join the trial team?


To try out for the trial team, you must have satisfied FIU Law’s foundational curriculum requirements and have earned at least a 2.4 cumulative GPA at your prior institution. Fall tryouts typically take place in late August.

When can I start taking classes at FIU Law?

You may begin your coursework at FIU Law during the Summer semester as a visiting student. Once our Registrar has received your final first-year transcripts and verifies that you maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA at your prior law school, you will have satisfied the condition of your transfer admittance and will be enrolled in the Fall semester as an FIU Law student. Credits earned as a visiting student during the Summer semester will be counted toward your FIU Law GPA and toward the 59 “in house” credits required for graduation.