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Why an LL.M at FIU Law

The LL.M. Program at FIU Law offers a first rate legal education to foreign attorneys interested in bolstering their professional platform with a comprehensive understanding of the laws, institutions, and legal culture of the United States. Our cutting edge curriculum is infused with international and comparative law elements in a unique way. Our professors are well known in their fields, have an impressive record of scholarly publications, and a world-class experience. Our wide-ranging offering of doctrinal courses with experiential opportunities, at one of most affordable tuitions in the country, sets FIU Law apart from other schools, and makes our LL.M. program very attractive.
Our core LL.M curriculum provides foreign lawyers with a solid foundation in United States and transnational law, and advanced research and writing skills in English, while also allowing our students to tailor their coursework to their own professional goals by designing a personalized academic schedule that serves their needs. To this end, FIU Law offers several Pathways to the Profession that help our students build their law career to their individual goals. LL.M students may take advantage of these options and enroll in virtually every course offered in the J.D. program including those designed for the first year curriculum, and courses approved by the New York Board of Bar examiners, and other jurisdictions.
The 24 credits needed to complete our LL.M. can be concluded in one year (2 semesters) on a full-time basis, but there is also the possibility of part-time enrollment. Upon completion of the LL.M curriculum, students may opt to transfer to the J.D. program, prepare for the Bar exam needed to obtain a license to practice law in certain U.S. states, gain work experience through an Optional Practical Training (O.P.T.), or pursue other academic or professional endeavors. Whatever the path chosen, our highly qualified faculty advisors and staff are always eager to help our graduates make the best choices for their future.
FIU Law is a dynamic, young and fast growing institution of academic excellence attuned to the challenges of globalization and devoted to serving the local, national, and international communities. FIU is Miami’s first and only public research university, and the 10th largest public university in the United States. FIU is committed to high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art research and creative activity, and collaborative engagement with our local and global communities. FIU Law has been recognized as among the most diverse and best value law schools in the United States. For the 3rd consecutive time, our graduates have obtained the highest passage rate in the Bar exam of the State of Florida, which is a testament to the high quality of our academic programs. FIU Law students routinely participate, and excel in prestigious national and international competitions, and are consistently involved in many other educational and community oriented activities in and outside the classroom, which helps them gain valuable professional experience and become responsible and ethical global lawyers.
Lawyers from every continent and from a very diverse background in terms of professional experience and expertise have been attracted to our LL.M. program since its inception, thus enriching our academic community and enhancing the diversity of our student body. The limited size of our highly selective and competitive LL.M. program allows intensive collaboration between faculty and students, and fosters long-term professional relationships that go beyond the classroom. The fact that FIU Law is located in Miami, Florida, a bustling metropolis that serves as a hub across the Americas, and with the rest of the world, coupled with its sophisticated, multicultural, and dynamic legal community is also an important reason that makes our LL.M. program a top choice.

In April, 2011, the ABA Accreditation Committee, “under the authority delegated by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, acquiesce[d] in the application of the Law School for the establishment of a Master of Laws (General LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers).”

Thank you for considering joining our program. We look forward to reviewing your application in due course. If you have any questions, please contact us right away at lawllm@fiu.edu