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International Legal Programs

As part of the Office of International and Graduate Studies, FIU LAW also offers a variety of auxiliary and advanced courses for foreign-trained lawyers & law students (from outside of the U.S) on a wide range of legal topics all year round.

The non-degree legal programs offered by FIU LAW are specially designed for those seeking to become more competitive in the legal sector or to improve their legal English skills. Also, an ideal placement for those in preparation to apply for graduate legal studies in the United States (LLM, JD or JSD).

Como parte de la labor académica de la Oficina de Estudios Internacionales y de Postgrado de la Facultad de Derecho de FIU, International Legal Programs ofrece una serie de cursos avanzados de formación académica para abogados extranjeros y estudiantes de derecho sobre un variado cúmulo de temas legales a lo largo del año.

Los cursos avanzados de formación académica ofrecidos por la Facultad de Derecho de FIU están especialmente diseñados para aquellos profesionales y estudiantes interesados en hacerse más competitivos en el sector legal o para desarrollar sus habilidades y destrezas en el inglés jurídico. Igualmente, son una oportunidad ideal de preparación para aquellos que desean postularse para estudios de postgrado o pregrado en Estados Unidos (LLM, JD o JSD).

Professional Programs:

  • El Derecho de Estados Unidos:
    Aspectos Fundamentales, Litigios y Arbitraje Internacional.
    En colaboración con PUCP-Derecho, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Impartido en Español)
    Fechas del curso: Agosto 8, 9 & 10, 2019.

Legal English:

    2 weeks of intensive training in legal English, U.S. law, international arbitration and transnational litigation from the U.S. perspective.
    This two-week long non-degree course is aimed at law students, lawyers and other legal professionals from around the world seeking to excel in an increasingly globalized and competitive legal environment.
  • TOEFL®
    For Graduate Legal Studies + Fundamentals of Transnational Law (FTL)
    TOEFL® (Tue & Thu) at FIU ELI + FTL: 10-session course on Legal English, U.S. Law, international arbitration and transnational litigation for foreign-trained lawyers at FIU LAW (Fridays).
    FTL at FIU LAW
  • “Thinking like a Lawyer”
    At the ELI at FIU
    This supplemental course conducted at the ELI at FIU will provide a general analytical framework for understanding the core concepts of the law in the United States and familiarize students with its legal system.

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Contact Information

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Gilberto A. Guerrero-Rocca, International Legal Program Manager.
+1 305 348.5426 (phone)
+1 305 348.2282 (fax)