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About Our Program

The Trial Advocacy Program at FIU College of Law understands, appreciates, and celebrates the role of the American trial lawyer – and the importance of the American jury trial – with our students.  Indeed, the quality of education our students receive at FIU – the hands-on training, the attention to detail, the infusion of our core values of passion and principle — is second to none.

 In the classroom, our award-winning faculty hold our trial lawyers-in-residence to the highest legal, ethical, and moral advocacy standards, and help bring to life our students’ doctrinal learning so as to invigorate their minds, open their hearts, and supercharge their impact – in the office, in the field, even on the bar.

In the courtroom, our seasoned teachers implement our unique blend of traditional courtroom methods and cutting-edge trial ad techniques to make our students more than just effective advocates but at a significant competitive advantage in the job market and, importantly, once hired, in the often rough-and-tumble of making sure that their causes be heard and their clients get what they deserve.

To campus, we bring our students the best and the brightest legal talent, from all parts of the advocacy universe, civil and criminal, to inspire their initiative and fuel their desire to better our profession and to make better our world by becoming the best trial lawyer they can be.

And beyond our law school building, beyond teaching our students all about the real world, we show them the world, by getting them involved, with real cases and real people in need — igniting in them the spark of selfless service, the glue that, in the end, is what truly binds us together.

All told, our student-centered educational mission is to provide a “superior, practical” education.  But maybe even more important, we believe we would fail in that mission were we not equally committed to our students’ personal empowerment – that we teach them not just to know right, and to prepare right, but to do right.  And as Dr. King said, that time is always right now.

Which is why the Trial Advocacy Program at FIU Law is focused, with laser-like precision, on cultivating the next generation of great legal storytellers – of great triallawyers, for generations to come.  Because that way, andonly that way, will the legal profession – will we — do our part to preserve the rights and liberties we cherish and make real America’s promise that though we thrive, we  take care to look after the least, the last, the lost, the left out, and the looked over.