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Clinical Program Learning Objectives

The FIU Law Faculty and Administration well-understands that lawyers in any occupational setting or on any career trajectory need to master a range of skills and abilities to be successful.  Lawyers must have command of both varied substantive areas of the law as well as the ability to reason, analyze, correctly assess and assist a client with achieving desired goals and/or favorable outcomes given the circumstances.  Therefore, our continued aim has been to ensure that our students have the ability (legal knowledge based on solid doctrinal and theoretical instruction) and the opportunity to enter the profession with skills, professionalism, and confidence to succeed.

Clinical courses are structured, mindful of overarching learning objectives for both the classroom and practical component.  Each clinic is focused substantively upon a different area of the law. However, there are fundamental learning goals and objectives that connect and underlie all clinical instruction.  These goals and objectives include:

  • Developing Lawyering Skills
  • Cultivating Professional Identity
  • Fostering Professional Ethics
  • Providing Competent Client Representation
  • Advancing Social Justice
  • Gaining Insight into the Law and Legal System
  • Promoting Cultural Competency
  • Encouraging Lifelong Learning and Professional Reflection
  • Learning to Work Collaboratively