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Third-year law student Pierce Monroe’s journey through academia and into the legal profession is one of dedication and achievement. Graduating from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a degree in Political Science and Pre-Law, Pierce laid the groundwork for his future pursuits in law.

At Florida International University College of Law, Pierce immersed himself in both academic and extracurricular activities. He is an active member of various student organizations, including the H.T. Smith Black Law Students Association. Pierce also served as Vice President of Intramural Competitions for the Negotiations and Mediations team. These experiences not only honed his legal skills but also nurtured his passion for diversity and inclusion in the legal field. In addition to his academic endeavors, Pierce gained practical experience as a Law Clerk at Florida International University’s General Counsel, specializing in Health Affairs. This hands-on experience equipped him with valuable insights into medical malpractice defense, paving the way for his future career.

Pierce’s commitment to health law was recognized through a prestigious scholarship from the American Bar Association. As a student liaison and member of the ABA Post-Acute Continuum, Pierce was awarded this honor, which allowed him to further explore the intersection of law and healthcare at the ABA Emerging Issues Health Law Conference.

Reflecting on his journey, Pierce acknowledges the role of Florida International University College of Law in shaping his professional development. “FIU Law provided me with not only the academic foundation but also the networking opportunities necessary for success in the legal field,” said Pierce.

As he prepares to embark on his career, his story serves as a reminder of the importance of hard work, dedication, and seizing opportunities in the pursuit of one’s goals in the legal profession.