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Congratulations to Kassandra Casanova (2L) and Mohannud Mohammad (3L) of the FIU Law Negotiation & Meditation Team for being the 2024 National Finalist in the ABA Negotiation Competition. The 2024 ABA Negotiation Competition finals marks the 9th time, in the past 13 years, that FIU Law has had at least one team in the national finals.

The team had an impressive and successful run, starting at the regional stage where the team won all three rounds and was one of only 24 teams to advance to the national finals, from a field of over 200 teams from various law schools across the U.S. who competed at the regional stage.  The ABA Negotiation Competition national finals took place on February 2 and 3 in Chicago.

Once in Chicago, Kassandra and Mohannud competed in multiple rounds, during two days of intense competition, featuring top negotiation teams from various law schools.  They dominated as they advanced to the quarterfinals and ranked 4th out of the 24 teams in the national round. They then continued their winning streak by winning both their quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, and advancing to the final round as one of the top 2 teams in the ABA Negotiation Competition where they lost by only a few points.

This incredible fete marks the first time, in over 8 years, that FIU Law has been in the ABA Negotiation Competition national final round.  We are so proud of the team’s accomplishments!

The team would like to thank Dean Page for his support.  Additionally, the team would also like to recognize student head coaches Maria Molano and Xan Taylor, alumna Leydi Arboleda, who traveled with the team and played a significant role in their preparation and performance throughout the competition, and Andrea Fuentes Blanco and Professor Delionado for their support.

The team is also very thankful for the support they received from classmates who served as opposing counsel during their practice rounds to help them prepare.  These classmates include Tabitha Barsimantov (2L), Emily Riumbau (3L), Valentina Rios (2L), Angelica Prado Diaz (3L), Cala Iglesias (2L), Ariana Stanley (2L), Susan Curry (3L), Melissa Corrales (3L), Amanda Fraga (2L), Amanda Tresgallos (3L), Eric Meyers (3L), Kelly Cuba (2L), Catarina Alvarez (2L), Jorge Gomez (2L), Lauryn Reed (3L), Justin Degen (3L), Brennan Schmitz (3L), Vincenzo Lamonica (3L), David Rocha (2L), Yaniri Salazar (3L), Andres Eskenazi Bone (3L), and Gaia Llamuca (3L).