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Starting Monday, September 18, Lexis (in partnership with the Institute for Well-Being In Law) will provide a free 15 minute Zoom meditation session every Monday until December 11.

You may access Resource Guides by the Institute for Well-Being in Law here.

To access meditation sessions, simply click this zoom link on Mondays at 5pm!

Here is more about the sessions from Lexis:

   Our mental health and wellness are fundamental to our well-being and ability to show up for
ourselves and others. Please enjoy live 15 minute meditations on Monday evenings at 5:00 PM PT
with Harpreet Sangha to create a safe space for members of the legal community to show up for
ourselves — no matter what the semester, work, or life may bring forth.

   Harpreet Sangha is our meditation instructor that trained in Rishikesh, India and is a certified yoga
teacher who has been practicing meditation and yoga since childhood. Harpreet has been teaching
yoga in person for over 15 years and during the pandemic has been leading meditation, pranayama
(breath control) and mindfulness sessions online. Harpreet’s area of expertise includes ancient yogic
scriptures, and he shares knowledge and philosophy from original Sanskrit texts. Over the course of
his studies, he has practiced and learned extensively from many Himalayan masters — true mystics
—whose knowledge and insight Harpreet is eager to share with others. His focus has been to
understand the ancient wisdom in Vedic scriptures from a practical standpoint and share this
knowledge with others to help everyone achieve a balanced, happy and peaceful state of mind.
The Institute for Well-Being in Law is another great resources that is committed to creating a culture
shift in the legal community to center health and well-being. They believe professional success
includes living more fulfilling, balanced, and joyful lives. Here is the link to their Resource Guides,
including a Law Student Well-Being Resource Guide. Below are two law review articles that were
enlightening regarding the necessary shift needed in the legal community to center our well-being
and served as the inspiration for this initiative.

   Meditations will being on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 5:00 PM PT and run weekly, with the
final meditation on Monday, December 11, 2023. Please join us live via the reoccurring link or
watch recordings that will be added there the day after. Thank you for your time and sharing this
space. May you be well.