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On Friday, March 23, 2023, FIU Law’s Distinguished University Professor Charles C. Jalloh was an invited speaker for Harvard Law School’s symposium on Reassessing Enforcement: Strengthening Compliance with International Law. Jalloh’s remarks focused on questions of State and individual responsibility for the prohibition of the use of force and the crime of aggression for the panel entitled Holding States Accountable: International Tribunals and the Crime of Aggression. To strengthen compliance with international law, he stressed the need to address legal gaps with respect to questions of jurisdiction and immunity by the International Criminal Court and national courts exercising universal criminal jurisdiction. He also highlighted the potential and limits of the International Law Commission’s work on the topics of State responsibility, immunity of state officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction and the identification and legal consequences of peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens).

See here for the 2023 symposium which was organized by the Harvard International Law Journal.