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New Journals Added to HeinOnline: October 2021

Australian Journal of Asian Law

Vols. 1-21 (1999-2020)

Published by University of Melbourne; Federation Press (v. 1-12)

This refereed journal is a forum for debate for scholars and professionals concerned with the laws and legal cultures of Asia. It aims for recognition as a leading medium for scholarly and professional discourse in a region characterized by rapid growth and social change. It is a joint initiative of the members of the Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne and the Law Faculty of the Australian National University, with support and advice from Australian and international colleagues. The Australian Journal of Asian Law publishes two issues per year.

Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Legal Studies

Vols. 6-118 (1965-2021)

Published by National University of Kyiv

This peer-edited journal includes qualitative achievements and results of scientific research in the field of law dissemination, which will facilitate the integration of Ukrainian legal scholars into the international educational space and increase the citation of university works in the scientific community through open access publication.

Journal of Hate Studies

Vols. 1-16 (2001-2020)

Published by Ubiquity Press Inc. for Gonzaga University

The Journal of Hate Studies is an international scholarly journal promoting the sharing of interdisciplinary ideas and research relating to the study of what hate is, where it comes from, and how to combat it. It presents cutting-edge essays, theory, and research that deepen the understanding of the development and expression of hate. The Journal aims to provide a deeper understanding of the processes that encourage the expression of hate so that methods of challenging and stopping its expression may be based on theory and research. It reflects the optimism that as hate is understood, it can be contained and controlled allowing for persons to reach their full human potential without fear of retribution.

Market and Competition Law Review

Vols. 1-4 (2017-2020)

Published by Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Porto Faculty of Law

Market and Competition Law Review (M&CLR) is an academic legal journal in English with a double review process published twice a year in April and in October. It focuses on important, current internal market and competition issues and is meant to be a forum of excellence, promoting scientific debate and, therefore, gathering high-profile academics, lawyers, judges, civil servants, consultants, and regulatory bodies. It intends to promote legal debate in these areas, allowing a broader understanding and, consequently, a more effective enforcement of the law in these fields.

Tuma Law Review

Vols. 1-7#1 (2012-2021)

Published by Tumaini University Makumira, Faculty of Law

The mission of the Tuma Law Review is to provide legal scholars and practitioners with a platform for making contributions to the advancement of law through innovative interpretation of legal concepts in order to advance justice in the East African sub-region. Its intended audience is legal scholars in the English-speaking countries in Africa and elsewhere across the globe with interest in law and justice in Africa. It is a peer-reviewed law journal published twice a year.

Publisher Update

Edward Elgar Publishing recently acquired Claeys and Casteels, bringing these three additional journals to the Edward Elgar Publishing Law Package:

Competition Law & Policy Debate

The Competition Law & Policy Debate (CLPD) is a quarterly journal focusing on major developments in Mergers, Cartels, Antitrust (Art.101/102 other than cartels) and State Aid. CLPD contains articles of academic value but written in an approachable style to address practical questions and suggest solutions to new issues. Its focus is on dissecting, analysing, and criticising the most recent and important legislation and case law, as well as on discussing questions faced by enforcers and practitioners but neglected in the existing literature. The idea is for CLPD to be an important platform for lawyers and economists to express conflicting views and encourage the debate on new developments in all areas of competition law. In this way the journal wants to contribute to debates on policy—or even start them.

Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review

The Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review provides a platform for review and discussion, both in Europe and internationally, of the legal and policy issues surrounding renewable energy. The journal reports on the dynamic and quickly changing developments taking place in Europe and around the world in the renewable energy sector, from bio-energy, solar and wind power to developing technologies like fuel cells and nuclear fusion. Each issue reports on trends and critical issues from the European Union and its active Member States, cutting-edge experience from North America, Australia, and Japan, as well as opportunities and challenges in emerging markets and various corners of the developing world.

 European Energy & Climate Journal

The European Energy & Climate Journal (EECJ) is a quarterly journal which presents accessible coverage on the key legal and regulatory energy issues and developments throughout Europe to practitioners and academics in the field. It reports recent and forthcoming legislative and regulatory changes in the areas of energy policy, internal market, energy competition law, energy security, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change. It covers European Energy Union case law, legislation, and its implementation by Member States. With contributions from leading practitioners, judges, EU energy authority officials and academics, EEJ provides authoritative legal analysis of the law and policy, all of which is presented in an accessible manner.

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