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Bloomberg Law’s series of free 30-minute live webinars to help students master the search bar, Boolean searching, and finding on-point case law while also ensuring it is still good law with BCite.

  • Using the Search Bar Learn how to get the most out of natural language searching using the Bloomberg Law search bar.
  •  Boolean Searching Gain strategies for constructing precise searches to find on-point results using Boolean searching (“Terms and Connectors searching”), the preferred search method of master researchers.
  • Finding Case Law Find on-point case law, the cornerstone of legal research, by learning to efficiently and effectively search for court opinions.
  • Updating Case Law With BCite Understand how to tell whether the great case you’ve found is still good law by properly using BCite.

Review the spring semester 2020 webinar recordings using your Bloomberg Law username and password here.

To access Bloomberg Law, please click here.