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M.C. Mirow has published “Leon Duguit and the Social Function of Property in Argentina” in Leon Duguit and the Social Obligation Norm of Property: A Translation and Global Exploration 267-285 (Paul Babie and Jessica Viven-Wilksch, eds., Springer, 2019). The front matter of the book recognizes Mirow’s contribution to the field this way: “This book traces its origins to two seemingly unrelated events. The first was Matthew Mirow’s publication in 2010 of ‘The Social-Obligation Norm of Property: Duguit, Hayem, and Others’ in the Florida Journal of International Law, a fine piece of scholarship which has done a great service to the common law world by revealing Leon Duguit’s place in the emergence of the social-obligation norm of property in the civil law tradition. The importance of this piece for those of us who are non-civilians was to point out that the notion of social relations or obligation as central to the meaning of property has been around much longer than we might otherwise have assumed” (ix). The text of Mirow’s chapter may be found at:

Professor Mirow is a founding faculty of FIU College of Law and member of the Florida Bar. He publishes on legal history and property. To read Professor Mirow’s works, visit his Selected Works gallery.