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FIU Law Library is pleased to report the following scholarly impact achievements made by FIU Law in January 2019.

Our institutional repository, eCollections @ FIU Law Library had 3679 full-text downloads and 8 new submissions were posted, bringing the total works to 1869Florida International University College of Law scholarship was read by 552 institutions across 121 countries. Here are the details:

The most popular papers were:

Thomas E. Baker The Impropriety of Expert Witness Testimony on the Law (110 downloads)

Howard Wasserman “Nationwide” Injunctions are Really “Universal” Injunctions and They Are Never Appropriate (76 downloads)l

Howard Wasserman  Civil Rights Plaintiffs and John Doe Defendants: A Study in § 1983 Procedure (55 downloads)

The most popular publications were:

Faculty Publications (2154 downloads)

FIU Law Review (1187 downloads)

Jamaica (92 downloads)

As part of the dual upload and scholarly impact process utilized by FIU Law Library’s Digital Initiatives Center, we are also increasing our scholarly impact in SSRN. Works in our FIU College of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series achieved 381 downloads. Here are the most downloaded works for January 2019 in SSRN:

Louis N. Schulze Using Science to Build Better Learners: One School’s Successful Efforts to Raise Its Bar Passage Rates in an Era of Decline – 58 downloads Abstract ID 2960192

Antony Page & Robert A. Katz The Role of Social Enterprise – 29 downloads Abstract ID 1724942

Antony Page & Robert A. Katz The Truth About Ben and Jerry’s – 14 downloads Abstract ID 2291615

Congratulations to FIU Law!