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Ryan Lavoie , class of 2015, was one of the first FIU Law students to complete the Intellectual Property Certificate.  We asked Ryan to share his thoughts on how the IP certificate has helped prepare him for his career at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
What made you want to interested in IP Law?
Growing up, I always had an interest in computers, technology, and the internet, and IP law intersects strongly into these areas.
How do you feel that the IP certificate prepared you for the work that you are doing now?
The IP certificate allowed me to really focus my studies on IP law, which provided a strong base for the requirements of my current work.  Also, the teachers at FIU were great mentors not only for law, but for life.
Do you have any advice for those who are interested in IP Law?
For FIU, I would strongly recommend looking into the IP program, as it provides exposure to many different types of law in the field. Additionally, any hands on experience like the Small Business clinic where students can come into real world contact with IP issues is a good choice.
Are you an FIU Law student interested in our Intellectual Property Law Certificate? Click “here” to learn more.