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During spring break 2015 (March 11-14), several members of FIU Law Review participated in the National Conference of Law Reviews (NCLR) at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, Kentucky. The four-day event offered students the chance to hear from a diverse group of law review editors, faculty advisors and academic authors.  This year’s conference theme – Vitality In Changing Times – addressed some of the challenges law reviews and journals are facing.

NCLR is a voluntary organization of law reviews in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The NCLR helps members to better serve both the academic and legal communities. Each year, the NCLR holds an annual conference which offers law review editors from member publications the opportunity to exchange ideas on issues common to student-edited law journals.

FIU Law Review is the current National Headquarters Review. As the Headquarters Review, FIU Law Review is responsible for the annual membership drive, collecting membership dues, maintaining the NCLR website, coordinating bidding for and hosting the Annual Conference, and conducting the annual board meeting. Additionally, one member of the Headquarter Review’s Board of Editors serves as NCLR President each year the review serves as the Headquarters Review.

From left to right: Alejandro Leiva (NCLR President), Franco Bacigalupo (Editor-in-Chief), Chief Justice John D. Minton, Jr. (Supreme Court of Kentucky), Dominique Pando Bucci (incoming Editor-in-Chief), Johanna Talcott (incoming Managing Editor), Carlos Diaz (incoming Managing Editor).