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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you Register for Classes

  1. Check your enrollment Appointment by following these steps:
    1. Login to MyFIU and select the Manage Classes Tile
    2. Select the enrollment tab ‘Enrollment.’
    3. From the drop down menu, choose ‘Enrollment Dates.’
  2. Get Advised
    • If you need assistance in selecting your classes, you may set up an appointment to meet with your faculty advisor, the Academic Support program or the Associate Dean of Students.
  3. Clear holds
    • Holds or Outstanding balances to the university may delay your enrollment.
  4. Register early
  5. Know your financial status
      • Financial Aid recipients should ensure all your documents are submitted in a timely manner to avoid any delays in the disbursement of your aid.
      • For students without financial aid, make sure you pay your balance in full by the College of Law’s payment deadline listed on the Academic Calendar, or sign up for the payment plan and follow the University Student Financial’s deadlines to avoid late fees or cancellation of classes.
      • Questions should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office in RDB 1050 or call (305) 348-8006.

Common Errors

Prior to registering for classes, students should review the holds on their account and follow the instructions detailed on the hold in order to have it removed. There are several holds that can prevent registration. These holds include, but are not limited to, academic advising, Past Due Account, Parking and Traffic, and Immunization.


A prerequisite is a course that must be completed successfully prior to enrolling in a subsequent or higher-level course.  Co-requisites are courses that must be taken during the same semester.

When you have not met the prerequisite(s) for a course, or when you attempt to enroll in a course without first enrolling in the co-requisites, you will encounter an error that will prevent your enrollment. 

Department/Instructor Consent
Some courses, including all clinics, externships, competitions, and Board of Advocates require the permission of a professor or department. Once approved, the Registrar will enroll you.

Closed Course
Some classes will have limited enrollment such as seminars, LSV III and Trial Advocacy. Other closed courses are the result of enrollment having met the maximum room capacity. For any closed course you will need to contact the Registrar to be placed on a wait list. We do not use the Waitlist function in PantherSoft.

Class Number
A Reference Number or Class Number is a 5 digit number that identifies each course. It is unique to each single section of a course offering and changes every semester. Students can enroll using the class number alone or you can search using the course subject (LAW) and the course catalog number.

Registration Limits
Students are not allowed to exceed the semester credit hour limit unless approved to do so. Students in either division (full-time and part-time) are allowed a one-time course overload. This cannot exceed 18 credits. Students may also request a one-time course underload, which is under 12 credits for full-time students and under 6 credits for part-time students. Full time law students may enroll for up to a maximum of 16 credits in fall and spring while part-time students may enroll for up to 11 credits in fall and spring. Summer is limited to a maximum of 6 credits for both divisions.

Class Schedules

Current students can view the upcoming semester course schedule online when it becomes available by logging into their MyFIU portal, visiting the website at or you can view a semester course schedule at in MyFIU select “Class Schedule” under the Panther Links box without having to log into MyFIU

Open Registration

Open registration is held immediately following the enrollment by appointment period and continues during the first week of classes. Visiting students may register during this time frame.

Add/Drop Period

During the initial Add/Drop/Swap period (review the Academic Calendar for these dates), students may freely add, drop or swap courses without incurring either financial liability or having them appear on the permanent academic record. If a student decides to drop a course and has already paid for it, the Student Financial’s Office will generate a refund or use the credit to pay for other balances owed. The dropped course will not show on the student’s transcript provided it is dropped within the Add/Drop period.

After the official Add/Drop period ends, any course you wish to withdraw from will remain on the transcript and you will be financially liable for it. If you wish to withdraw from a course due to exceptional circumstances after Add/Drop, you must complete a Student Petition form with a full explanation. Your appeal will be considered by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. If  approved, a WI fee liable grade will be processed and will be reflected on your transcript. This grade carries no grade point average, however it will remain on your permanent record.


Certain forms can be filled out and submitted in MyFIU. 

  1. Login to MyFIU
  2. Select the Student Tools tile, Student Eforms.
  3. College of Law Registrar
  4. Choose the form you need and follow the instructions.

Forms you may submit electronically include the following:

Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verifications will not be processed until after the Add/Drop period. The University sends enrollment data multiple times during a semester to the National Student Clearinghouse. This data is accessed directly by most lenders. If you need an immediate loan deferral letter or require proof of enrollment for other purposes, send your request to the Registrar’s Office via email to yffd@fiu.eduor and allow twenty-four hours for processing.

NOTE: You will need to check your student account for any Financial Holds. We are unable to process an enrollment verification if any financial holds are present on your account.

View Unofficial Transcripts

Current Students:

Follow the Unofficial Transcript Tutorial:

  1. Log into MyFIU. See Access MyFIU for help.
  2. Select ‘Academic Records,’ then ‘Transcripts.’
  3. Choose ‘View Unofficial Transcript’ from the dropdown.
  4. Choose the ‘Report Type’ for the transcript and follow on-screen instructions.

Requesting an Official Transcript

FIU has contracted with Credentials Inc. to provide transcript order, printing, and delivery service.

Information on how to request an official transcript is available at

Assessment of Instructors

Students may review faculty evaluations at

J.D. Students: Apply for Graduation

​JD applicants must apply for graduation by:

  1. Logging into MyFIU
  2. Select the Student Tools tile, Student Eforms.
  3. College of Law Registrar
  4. Application for Graduation

LL.M. Students: Apply for Graduation

LL.M applicants must apply for graduation by:

  1. Logging into MyFIU
  2. Select the Student Tools tile, Student Eforms.
  3. College of Law Registrar
  4. MOL Graduation Application

Adding/Dropping Classes Tutorial

  1. Log into MyFIU and select ‘Manage Classes.’
  2. From the dropdown, choose ‘Add Classes’ to begin class selection or:
    • To drop classes, choose ‘Drop Classes’ and follow instructions in the panel. (“just: was removed in front of the choose).
    • To swap classes, choose the class you want to drop and swap it for the one you wish to add. (This was updated)
      Select ‘Term’ and ‘Location.’ For online classes, select ‘FIU On-line’ in the ‘Location’ dropdown. Then click ‘Continue.’
  3.  Search for classes using the course number, course prefix, department or class number. See Courses Available and learn how to find course details.
  4. Click on the ‘Select’ button to choose courses to add to the ‘Shopping Cart.’ Adding courses to the Shopping Cart does not officially enroll you into the course(s).
  5. After all desired courses are added to the Shopping Cart, click ‘Proceed to Step 2 of 3’ on the ‘Add’ tab and then click on ‘Finish Enrolling.’
  6. View the confirmation. Successfully added courses will have a green checkmark on the right. If not, read the error message to see why the error occurred. For more information see Holds & Errors.
  7. Use the tabs at the top to drop courses, swap courses, or view your class schedule.

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