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Congratulations to the FIU Law Review on the publication of  FIU Law Review Publishes Volume 14 Number 3 (2021). This issue is based on the Made in Italy: The Law of Food, Wine, and Design (Miami, Florida 2020).

The scholarly works can now be read online through FIU Law Review’s digital edition:

    1. Bianca Gardella Tedeschi, Contract Law in the Agri-Food Supply Chain, 14 FIU L. Rev. 427 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.4
    2. Helena Alviar García, Italian Coffee: Retelling the Story, 14 FIU L. Rev. 443 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.5
    3. Lorenzo Bairati, Narratives of Quality in European Food Governance And Beyond, 14 FIU L. Rev. 457 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.6
    4. Fernanda G. Nicola & Gino Scaccia, It’s All About the Pasta: Protectionism, Liberalization, and the Challenge for Quality and Sustainability of Made in Italy, 14 FIU L. Rev. 479 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.7
    5. Dr. Tomaso Ferrando, Gangmastering Passata: Multi-Territoriality of the Food System and the Legal Construction of Cheap Labor Behind the Globalized Italian Tomato, 14 FIU L. Rev. 521 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.8
    6. Barbara Pozzo, “Bello e Ben Fatto”—The Protection of Fashion “Made in Italy”, 14 FIU L. Rev. 545 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.9
    7. J. Janewa Osei-Tutu, Protecting Culturally Identifiable Fashion: What Role for GIs?, 14 FIU L. Rev. 571 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.10
    8. Jorge L. Esquirol, Credit Supports for Italian Specialty Products: The Case of Prosciutto and Long-Aged Cheese, 14 FIU L. Rev. 589 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.11
    9. Michele Graziadei, The Making of an Iconic Cheese: Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana D.O.P., 14 FIU L. Rev. 615 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.12
    10. Tommaso Pavone, Like Oil Floating on Water: Italy’s Olive Crisis and the Politics of Backlash Against Transnational Legal Orders, 14 FIU L. Rev. 633 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.13
    11. Annabelle V. González, Who Benefits from Leaving the “Bad” School?, 14 FIU L. Rev. 649 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.14
    12. Sarah Morgado, From “He Said, She Said” to “He Said, She-and-Her iPhone-Said”: Florida’s All-Party Consent Requirement Needs an Update, 14 FIU L. Rev. 677 (2021). 10.25148/lawrev.14.3.15

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