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FIU Law Now Accepts GRE Results

FIU Law announced today that it will begin accepting the GRE for J.D. program applicants, starting with its Fall 2019 entering class. The announcement follows a thorough review period during which the College determined that the GRE, like the LSAT, is likely to be a valid and reliable admission test for its program of legal education.

FIU Law is the first law school in South Florida to accept the GRE in addition to the LSAT.

“As South Florida’s public law school, we are pleased to join the increasing number of law schools nationwide that accept other entrance exams,” said Dean Antony Page. “Graduate school applicants should not have to choose between applying to law instead of other programs, or vice versa, based on whether they have the resources to study for and take multiple entrance exams.”

Until recently, prospective applicants considering law school in addition to other graduate programs would have to take both the LSAT and the GRE, increasing application costs and demanding significantly more time to adequately prepare for both exams. According to Educational Testing Service – the organization that administers the GRE – the exam is “available at more than 1,000 test centers in more than 160 countries,” and “is offered as a computer-delivered test year round at most locations around the world.”

Accepting the GRE also makes law school a more feasible option for prospective students whose undergraduate disciplines are not traditionally designed to lead to law school, but for whom law jobs in areas such as intellectual property and cybersecurity might be appealing.  “For STEM graduates in particular, accepting the GRE opens new career opportunities that they might not have previously considered,” said Page. “Broadening the diversity of our student body’s collective backgrounds will only enhance our students’ academic experience and increase the value of our graduates’ degrees.”