mindfulness in life and law

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To be mindful. .. to focus your attention, your awareness on the present moment, on your thoughts, on your body, on your feelings – a powerful skill, a way of living, a concept to help improve your physical and mental health and your overall wellbeing. If and how one “practices” mindfulness is personal – only we know what works best for ourselves.

But this does not mean we are alone – build connections with your FIU Law family. Student Services seeks to implement programs to help you lead a mindful and conscious life – in law school and in your personal lives. Support, motivate and inspire one another.

Explore upcoming events for mindfulness and well-being:

SEPTEMBER: National Yoga Month

OCTOBER 9: Mindful Pause 

  • Bite-Sized Mindfulness Practices for Cultivating More Joy and Focus (Jeena Cho)

OCTOBER 18; NOVEMBER 14: Healthy Living Days

NOVEMBER 14: mindful living day

NOVEMBER 15: ABA Haiku Contest for Law Students

  • Themes: Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions and the U.S. Constitution

YLD’s Year Long Initiative for Health & Wellness

  • The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division’s Health and Wellness Committee (formerly the Quality of Life Committee) has launched a year-long initiative expanding on its previous Health and Wellness Month programming to improve the well-being of its members throughout the year.
  • Keep an eye out for weekly wellness tips on social media, free monthly lunchtime wellness CLEs, and an updated website where you can find articles, webinars, attorney profiles, and other resources to meet your wellness needs.