Professor Wasserman on SCOTUSBlog

Howard Wasserman published on SCOTUSBlog an analysis of the Court’s unanimous opinion in United States v. Sanchez-Gomez, holding that a challenge to a policy of shackling pre-trail detainees during court proceedings had become moot.

Please find the link to Professor Wasserman’s analysis here.

Prof. Wasserman joined FIU Law in 2003 and teaches civil procedure, evidence, federal courts, civil rights, and First Amendment; his scholarship focuses on the freedom of speech and on the role of procedure and jurisdiction in public-law and civil-rights litigation. He blogs at PrawfsBlawg and at Sports-Law Blog and is the Section Editor for the Courts Law Section of JOTWELL. Professor Wasserman is a loyal Chicago Cubs fan. To read Prof. Wasserman’s works, visit his Selected Works gallery.