Professor Mirow Publishes Two Works on Florida Legal History

Professor M.C. Mirow has recently published two works on the legal history of colonial Florida. In “The Court of Common Pleas of East Florida 1763-1783,” 85 Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 540-576 (2017), he explores recently discovered manuscripts from the National Archives (Kew). These materials reveal at least eight distinct British courts in operation during Florida’s British period. This article studies the main civil court, the Court of Common Pleas of East Florida. In “Los Tribunales de la Florida Oriental,” XIX Congreso del Instituto Internacional de Historia del Derecho Indiano 1119-1139 (Berlin, 2018), he surveys the extant secondary literature on the Spanish colonial courts of Florida.

Professor Mirow is a founding faculty of FIU College of Law and member of the Florida Bar. He publishes extensively on legal history and property. To read Professor Mirow’s works, visit his Selected Works gallery.