Professor Mirow Advises Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Chile

Professor M.C. Mirow spent a week last month as a member of an international panel established to advise the law faculty of the Catholic University of Chile on its academic program. The panel met with administrators, faculty, students, and alumni to make recommendations on how to improve the intellectual life and scholarly productivity of the faculty. Mirow was one of four professors appointed by the university’s provost to conduct the assessment and report to the administration. “The law faculty of the Catholic University of Chile is already an internationally known group of scholars and is ranked first in Latin America. It was encouraging to see that even such a well-regarded institution seeks to improve its scholarly profile and academic life,” said Mirow who was a Fulbright Professor in Chile in 2009.

Mirow is a founding faculty member of FIU College of Law and a member of the Florida bar.