NEW eResources Spotlight: Ravel Law

Ravel is analytical research, a new category of intelligent tool that combines legal research and analytics. Powered by expert legal knowledge, machine learning, and comprehensive caselaw from the Harvard Law Library, Ravel is built by digital natives for 21st Century practice.

Ravel enables lawyers to find what’s important, understand why it’s important, and put that information to use in the most persuasive way possible. Ravel’s intuitive array of data-driven tools are built from the ground up for the hardest questions, transforming how lawyers understand the law and prepare for litigation.

Court Analytics

Understand the language and caselaw that makes each court unique.

  • Compare Forums: Gain powerful and unprecedented insight into the caselaw of state and federal courts.
  • Asses Outcomes: Identify critical caselaw, commonly referenced language and influential judges for over 400 courts.
  • Objective Analytics: Attorneys supported by Ravel’s artificial intelligence can make data-driven decisions crafting briefs, responding to RFPs and performing fast and effective case assessment.

Judge Analytics

Understand how judges think, write, and rule.

  • Judge Dashboard: The Judge Dashboard encompasses your judge’s entire career — every decision, every citation, housed in a single location. The dashboard lets you identify the cases, circuits, and judges your judge finds most persuasive.
  • Specific Language: Uncover the rules and specific language your judge favors and commonly cites. Pinpoint distinctions that set your judge apart to ensure you never miss the nuance that could win or lose your argument.
  • Litigation Strategy: Make data-driven decisions about everything from how to frame arguments to whether to file a particular motion – decisions that can make or break a case.

Case Analytics

Separate facts from law and procedure from substance. Focus on the language that matters.

  • Page-by-Page Analysis: Spot trends in the Opinion History — a window into how often your case has been cited. Use Ravel’s pioneering page-by-page citation analytics to find the specific language interpreting every aspect of the case.
  • Interactive Reading: In Ravel, the case is your workspace. Make notes, highlight text, and copy language — with or without the citation. Easily generate reports, and lists to share and have on-the-go.

Research Tools

Research with confidence . Find the most relevant cases and uncover buried connections.

  • Harvard Content: We’re collaborating with Harvard Law School to make American caselaw open and free. Learn more about freeing the law.
  • Search Visualization: Using our free search and visualization technology, quickly identify landmark cases and find results overlooked in conventional tools.

Ravel Data Services

Access Ravel’s caselaw data and expert-trained algorithms to answer your specific knowledge management and research needs.

  • Comprehensive Collection: Ravel’s comprehensive collection of U.S. caselaw is created in collaboration with Harvard Law School. Our copyright compliant caselaw collection includes all published federal and state cases.
  • Advanced Software: RDS provides advanced software tools in a cloud infrastructure for users to customize datasets. RDS helps researchers and firms meet the technical challenges of handling massive amounts 
of legal data.
  • Sophisticated Algorithms: Ravel’s sophisticated algorithms can identify parties, judges, citations, and more. The RDS infrastructure can turbocharge your knowledge management and research needs.

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