LawBridge™ attorneys to volunteer at Legal Services of Greater Miami

Attorney’s participating in FIU Law’s LawBridge™ legal residency program will be  volunteering and managing a Small Claims Court Clinic which will be on Thursday, September 25 at the Legal Services of Greater Miami – 3000 Biscayne Blvd.  The attorney-volunteers will help clients evaluate their potential small claims case and complete the short forms needed to initiate a small claims lawsuit. The attorneys are offering their expertise pro bono. For more information, contact Legal Services of Greater Miami, 305.576.0080

LawBridge™ combines approaches used in medical residency programs with those used in business incubator settings. This hybrid, apprentice-style approach helps new lawyers start their solo practitioner journey. LawBridge™ is open to recent FIU Law graduates who have been admitted to practice in Florida.