Fall 2017 JM Banking Law Compliance

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Semester 1* Semester 2* Semester 3*
Introduction to American Law for non-lawyers Consumer & Commercial Lending for non-lawyers Consumer Financial Services for non-lawyers
Banking and Finance Regulation for non-lawyers Bank Secrecy Act/ Anti-Money Laundering for non-lawyers Introduction to Regulatory Compliance for non-lawyers
Fundamentals of Contracts and Business Law for non-lawyers Torts and Criminal Law for non-lawyers Legal Analysis and Writing for non-lawyers

*All classes are designed for non-lawyers. Class names, and schedule are subject to change.

The innovative curriculum has been developed in consultation with legal experts, banking compliance experts, government regulators, banking executives, and leading banking associations.

The tuition for the one-year program is $25,594.95 plus any applicable university fees. Financial Aid is available.

The BSA/AML Course will include a Florida International Bankers Association certification included with the course.