Semester Abroad

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An international semester abroad provides one of the best opportunities for in-depth and intensive study.  On occasion, our students petition to visit foreign law schools for the fall or spring semester. FIU Law supports semesters abroad, provided that the foreign school meets our standards for academic integrity and rigor. We seek to support the thoughtful educational goals of our current students, and we are aware that individual cross-border, cross-cultural exchanges often ripen into greater inter-institutional alliances.

Semester or Year-Long Study Abroad Program

Credits for semester abroad programs are governed by FIU Law’s Academic Policies & Regulations, as well as by the American Bar Association (“ABA”). FIU Law will assist you in developing a viable plan.


  • Students should have completed their first-year or equivalent, if part-time. Generally, students should complete all of their required courses at FIU Law before seeking to study abroad.
  • Credit is given for grades earned of “C” or better, “Pass,” or equivalent. Grades that satisfy criteria set forth in the section on Transfer Credits in the Student Handbook may be transferred to FIU Law.
  • Students must be fluent in the language of instruction at the foreign institution and may be tested by FIU for language proficiency prior to their departure.
  • Students must receive pre-approval from FIU Law’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Courses taken or completed before approval is granted will not be transferred to FIU Law.
  • ABA Criteria for Approval of Individual Student Study Abroad for Academic Credit found here.

ABA Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution

Download and review a copy of the criteria for student study here.

ABA approved Foreign Semester Programs:

  • Visit the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar Semester Program web page.
  •  Submit your preference to Lisbeth D’Lima.

Application Process

  • Deadline to apply for spring semester is no later than October 1and March 1 for the fall semester.
  • Submit a proposal for your course of study to Lisbeth D’Lima, Coordinator for International & Graduate Studies Programs, with a $250.00 check.
  • Students will pay the tuition and fees applicable to the foreign institution and will not pay tuition or fees at FIU Law for the credits earned abroad, unless, there is a specific exchange agreement between the two universities.
  • Download Application (PDF)

Academic Advising

  • The ABA Criteria for Approval of Individual Student Study Abroad for Academic Credit requires a full-time faculty member from FIU Law and one professor from the foreign institution to supervise the student’s course of study.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill all of FIU Law’s required courses before studying abroad. This includes requirements for a long-paper, two skills course credits, and at least two statutory courses.

Financial Aid

  • Students may receive financial aid only for credits transferred back to FIU Law.
  • Students may apply for student loans to cover fees, transportation, and the cost of living expenses while at the foreign institution. Many foreign universities, especially in Europe, have been assigned a Federal Loan Identification Number, which allows the WMCL Financial Aid Office to administer federal loans as if the student were studying in the US.
  • Students may also be eligible for scholarships awarded specifically for study abroad. Check the following web site for information: Fastweb. It lists over 180,000 scholarships and loans.
  • For more information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Passports and other Information

  • Passports are required for entry into or for extended stays in most foreign countries. For extended stays, (the duration varies from country to country), most foreign countries also require visas. For the most recent travel information, including information regarding passports, visas, foreign consulates in the U.S., and travel warnings see
  • Most countries require proof of your ability to cover your living expenses while living in their country. Proof often may be satisfied by obtaining a certified letter from your bank or from the financial aid office at FIU Law or the host foreign school.

Other Important Considerations and Helpful Hints

  • Students are strongly advised to begin the application process as early as possible, as it requires approval from several parties. This task is a lengthy and time consuming.
  • You need to develop a reliable contact and gain permission from a full-time professor at the host foreign law school. It is wise to develop a specific contact, who you can call at the foreign university, and who can answer questions regarding your intended course of study.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

  • Students with documented disabilities who may require specific accommodations while studying abroad should consult with the Program Director at the time of application.