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Mission: Our mission is to increase access to justice for those who seek it while building relationships within the local community. Too often low- and moderate-income local families who do not qualify for free legal services opt not to hire an attorney because of the prohibitive costs.  As an institutional member of the local community, the Florida International University College of Law is committed to providing solutions bridging this access to justice gap. FIU LAW Practice will offer affordable, low cost legal services in the family law area to low- and moderate-income families who do not qualify for free legal services.  FIU LAW Practice assists modest income families falling within the 125% and 200% poverty guidelines by providing affordable legal services in the family law area.

FIU LAW Practice also serves as a legal incubator for recent law graduates, admitted to the Florida Bar. FIU Law offers recent law graduates a one-year residency option, combining approaches used in medical residency programs with those used in a business incubator setting. The goal of this hybrid, apprentice-style approach is to train, provide close supervision and instruction, to these new attorneys as they deliver legal services to low and moderate income South Florida residents.

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