Noah Weisbord

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Noah Weisbord
Associate Professor of Law

Curriculum Vitae

S.J.D., Harvard
LL.M., Program Harvard
M.S.W., McGill
LL.B./B.C.L., McGill
B.S.W., McGill
B.Sc., McGill

Professor Weisbord’s primary research interests are in the fields of criminal law and international law. At the FIU College of Law, he teaches criminal law, international and comparative law, international criminal law and the use of force in international law.

Professor Weisbord is a leading expert on the crime of aggression, individual criminal responsibility for illegal wars. He was a law clerk and a visiting professional in the Immediate Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and later assisted the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC to draft the crime of aggression. Prior to working at the ICC, he traveled to Rwanda to study gacaca–community-based genocide trials inspired by an indigenous justice tradition.

Professor Weisbord’s scholarly articles have appeared in the Harvard International Law Journal, the Columbia Journal of Transitional Law and the Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law and other publications. His op-ed articles in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune and interviews for the New York Times, The Guardian and the BBC have helped establish his reputation as an original new international criminal law voice. Professor Weisbord has spoken widely on international criminal law and the use of force in international law, including to audiences at the annual meeting of the American Society of International Law, Harvard, Duke and Oxford.

Professor Weisbord holds a Doctorate of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) from Harvard Law School. He also completed Harvard’s LL.M. program. He earned common and civil law degrees and undergraduate degrees in science and social work from McGill University, graduating with great distinction in each program. Professor Weisbord also holds a Masters of Social Work from McGill. Prior to joining Florida International University, he was a visiting assistant professor at Duke Law School.

Professor Weisbord is currently writing a book on the past and future of the crime of aggression which will be published with Princeton University Press.


Academic Journal Publications

Noah Weisbord, “Bargaining Practices: Negotiating the Kampala Compromise,” 76 (3) Law & Contemporary Problems, 85 (Winter 2014) [special issue edited by Jens Meierhenrich]

Noah Weisbord, “The Mens Rea of the Crime of Aggression,” Washington Studies Global Law Review (fall 2013) [special symposium issue titled The International Criminal Court at Ten]

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Book Chapters:

Noah Weisbord, “Civil Society and the Crime of Aggression,” in A Commentary on the Crime of Aggression, Claus Kress and Stefan Barriga, eds. (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2014/2015)

Noah Weisbord and Carla Reyes, “War Crimes,” in International Crime and Justice, Mangai Natarajan, ed. (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

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Opinion and Editorial:

Noah Weisbord, “Who Started the Fight?” The New York Times (Global Edition). Paris: May 3, 2010.

Noah Weisbord, “You’re Under Arrest, Mr. President,” The New York Times (Global Edition). Paris: February 13, 2009: 6

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