eResources Spotlight: Updates on Westlaw


Research Enhancements

Updated Secondary Sources Redesign

  • SearchSearch all Secondary Sources or only those you choose using filters and the Publications list.
  • FavoritesQuickly access your favorite Secondary Source publications directly from the Secondary Sources library.
  • FiltersUse these filters before you search or browse to narrow the publication list.
  • Publication ListBrowse and access all Secondary Sources or narrow the list using the publication filters.
  • ScopeLearn more about this publication through a brief publication description, author and currency information, and related resources.

Secondary Sources Document

  • Reading ModeIt allows for scrolling through multiple documents in the same display.
  • Table of ContentsQuickly move between chapters and sections with a fully linked and browsable table of contents.
  • Refreshed Document DisplayIt puts content front and center for an easier read.

More Research Enhancements

Get quick answers to simple legal questions, ensure accurate, thorough research, and find related information.

  • Westlaw Answers
  • Research Recommendations
  • Snapshots

Westlaw Answers

Get quick answers to simple legal questions.

  • Get specific answers to common types of legal questions.
  • Click on links to authoritative court decisions.
  • View questions appearing in type-ahead display, with the answers shown above your search results.

Research Recommendations

Ensure accurate and thorough research.

  • See legal-issue patterns in your document interactions during your session.
  • Find additional relevant documents and Key Numbers recommended from our editorial tools and common usage patterns.
  • Access the stored results easily in your history.


Zero-in on related search information.

  • Retrieve information on attorneys, judges, experts, companies, and select popular statutes.
  • Click on links to more detailed information in Profiler, Company Investigator, and Statutes.

Folder Enhancements

Make sure you’re covering all the issues and find additional cases you may have missed.

  • Folder Analysis
  • Research Report
  • Shared Notes

Folder Analysis

Ensure you’re considering every issue.

  • Identify the legal issues present through automatic analysis of cases in a folder
  • View additional cases recommended to you
  • See a visual representation of issues
  • Navigate documents by issue

Research Report

Consolidate your work in an easily shared report.

  • Create a professional report summarizing research in your folder
  • Navigate your report with Table of Contents links
  • Display all annotations, including shared notes
  • Edit Notes from the summary screen, and jump to links available there and Copy with Reference
  • Email, print, download, or Dropbox your report

Shared notes

Bring your colleagues up to speed.

  • Collaborate easily through shared notes
  • Share inline or document-level notes
  • Share all your notes in a document with one click

Westlaw App

Legal research on the go.

Westlaw now has an app for the iPhone. It helps you stay current on news and practice areas and assists you on tracking companies. The download is free to subscribers at the iTunes Store.

Run searches and filter results.

  • Access KeyCite, research history, and favorites.
  • Receive customized current awareness updates and view Westlaw alerts.
  • Track and follow companies.
  • Save, annotate, and view documents online and offline.

Get the app here.

To access Westlaw please click here.